We Want to Be The Best in Property Visualisation

We want to be the best in property visualisation because real estate, essentially, is a visual experience, says Lalit Mangal

A 360 degree tour of the property, right from the entrance, ’Live-In Tour’ is just one of the innovative features CommonFloor has put into place to stand out from the pack, but Mangal and the team at CommonFloor realise that in an attractive space with a lot of competition, there is the need for constant, as well as fast paced innovation.

There is nothing today that is non-replicable, apart from your culture and some of your key people. Whatever innovation we bring to the market, at most it’s going to take someone six months to replicate. So we have to be on our toes to come up with the next big innovation. That is our approach and we are already working on things that might be super relevant two years later. Competition is inevitable but the company’s ambition is to become the obvious choice for users. “It’s clear. We have to come up with an unending pipeline of ideas,” he says.

One of the things CommonFloor is working in a big way on is artificial intelligence to help recreate, simplify and enhance the experience of physically going and scouting for properties. Mangal explains that finding property is an extremely difficult task and people have varied concerns, but it is often very difficult for an individual to grasp the complexity and different attributes of the real estate space simply because there is an overwhelming amount of information.

"To simplify this, by moving forward with our research on artificial intelligence we could potentially have a computer understand and make sense of all the news and updates about real estate and also understand the end user and give him relevant advice,” he quips.

“The day is not far where you should be able to talk to and say that you are looking for a spacious three BHK in South Delhi and your budget is Rs.60 lakh. So CommonFloor will find that 3 BHK, show it to me (the user) on my screen and I can talk to it,” Mangal optimistically claims.

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