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Commonfloor Groups Launches Smart Guard App to Make Gated Communities Extra Secure

3min. readLohitVikas Malpani — Sep 24, 2015 in Real Estate

An unprecedented app which will transform the guards of communities into smart guards. Check out how this app of commonfloor makes the apartment more secured.

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Article Image Launches Commonfloor Groups

4min. readLohitVikas Malpani — Apr 11, 2014 in Real Estate

Apartment management software of gets relaunched as commonfloor groups. Learn why you should use commonfloor groups.

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Vikas Malpani Advices Business Today Readers About Common Real Estate Traps

2min. readLohitVikas Malpani — Aug 6, 2013 in Expert Speak

You might be cheated by real estate developers. Be informed about common real estate traps, says Vikas Malpani, co-founder,

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Rightstep: Another Milestone in Our Journey to Make Apartment Living Better

7min. readLohitVikas Malpani — Jan 28, 2013 in Real Estate

Commonfloor takes a pledge on the republic day to make apartment management easier and better with its right step initiative.

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Commonfloor Rightstep Brings to You an Exclusive Seminar on Forming an Efficient Association and Waste Management

2min. readLohitVikas Malpani — Jan 21, 2013 in Real Estate

Learn how to manage waste in you community. commonfloor's right step intiative guides the resident welfare associations and communities on waste management.

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Apartment Management Software (Ams) - A Convenient Solution For Communities

4min. readLohitVikas Malpani — Aug 21, 2012 in Real Estate

Learn how to effectively communicate within your community through apartment management software of

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