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Famous people from different walks of life and their activites related to Real Estate

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Lesser Known Facts About Bhagat Singh

4min. readLohitSharat Prabhath — Sep 28, 2015 in Lifestyle

Bhagat Singh was not mere a freedom fighter, but he was lot more. These facts are going to make you more patriotic!

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Top 10 Indian CEOs And Their Real Estate Possessions

16min. readLohitKarthik Arumugham — Sep 14, 2015 in Lifestyle

Ever wondered how the homes of top Indian CEOs looked like? Find out the real estate possessions of top 10 Indian CEOs.

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Magnificent Office Structures

2min. readLohitMaruthi Gowda — Feb 7, 2014 in Lifestyle

Office spaces can inspire you to work more efficiently. Check out the magnificient office structures that can inspire every employee.

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