Trends You Should Know to Design Your Kitchen

Are you planning to revamp your kitchen towards the end of this year? Well, as 2015 is almost about to bid adios so are the old trends and styles, and so it is the best time to give your kitchen a snazzy look and transform it from a place used merely for cooking – to a treasured space where the entire family can enjoy.

The concept of ‘home’ is evolving. From being a place to rest and sleep, homes are now fast emerging as the new fashion statements – from minimalist to exaggerated, each home boasts of its own panache. But, somehow the kitchen has not yet witnessed its share of makeover and now it is time to add that extra zing to arguably the most important corner in the house. After all, it is the kitchen that gives maximum happiness to the residents, so why deny it its share of style and fashion?

Well, we understand that revamping anything comes with a fair share of stress and headaches, as someone very aptly said - no pain, no gain. But don’t fret, as we are here to help you. Obviously we cannot revamp your kitchen, but what we can do is help you with ideas and let you choose amongst them as per your style and convenience.

So here are the top trends in kitchen design, taking a cue from which you can revamp your kitchen:

Airy and user friendly shelving

Of course, no one likes a claustrophobic kitchen, as it is real pain to cook in one. Keeping this in mind, the trend is gradually shifting to open shelving as it enables maximum utilization of the kitchen space. Moreover it also adds a bit of personal touch to the kitchen, while making it easy to use at the same time.

Gray is the new white

White as an all-purpose colour is slowly losing its sheen and is gradually being replaced by grey. The colour white has become too obvious and also a small spot can make it appear dirty. Grey on the other hand, is a fine balance between sophistication and quirkiness. After all, we all are a shade of grey!

Make it artistic

Your kitchen should look like a mesmerizing work of art, and hence for that effect, it is necessary for you to use wallpaper that wows. It is the easiest way to add visual effects in your kitchen without any hassle. All you need is a wallpaper that speaks for itself and half of your job is done.

Modern marries traditional

Fusion is the essence of the world, and your kitchen is no exception. Mix, match and play with contemporary and traditional design – for example mix modern open shelving with shaker doors. Also mixing wooden cabinets with marble and stainless steel shelves with wooden base, go a long way in amalgamating traditional with contemporary.

Fresh hues for sinks

Though stainless steel still remains the most preferred choice for sinks, this year we have seen a rise in demand for adding a bit of colour to it. Colorful sink is a great way to make your sink even more of a focal point or to add in a pop of color in an otherwise neutral kitchen. So now you can play with vibrant colours such as pink and yellow or choose to remain subtle yet expressive with grey.

Choose quartz over granite

Two years ago, both quartz and granite were the most preferred materials for making countertops. In fact it was almost a tie, with people showing marginally more preference for granite. But now, in 2015, the trend is slowly shifting towards quartz as recent studies have revealed that it is stronger in comparison to granite and can resist scratches and burns. In fact, it is the toughest counter top material.

Do you know how quartz countertops are made? Crushed quartz stone is mixed with resin to produce countertops that range from solid colors to the look of real granite, only it is tougher than the natural stone. Now with that much crushing and grinding, it is bound to be stronger, isn’t it?

Furnish it with microwave drawers

Just like the side opening oven, install microwave below counter height in a drawer. It will save a lot of tabletop space and will also make it easily accessible. All you need to do is open it up, keep your food inside and close it to start using it.

Green is the new mantra

‘Go green’ is the latest fad among the citizens of the Earth and we support this cause. So you can install appliances that save energy, for example- 4 starred and 5 starred refrigerator, microwave etc. Also you can use a table made from recycled materials, which is not only stylish but also green and durable. Check out our 'Live-In Tours' for properties with great kitchen designs.

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