The cost of renovating your kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most important place in any residence. It is not merely a place to cook but an area where experiences are manufactured. So, whether you are preparing your first meal to impress your beloved or putting your culinary skills to test for your friends who dropped by unannounced, the kitchen always has a sweet memory attached to it.

But, unfortunately, it is also one of the most ignored parts of the home, because we do not give the kind of attention it deserves during its construction and renovation. Thankfully, trends are changing and now prominence is being given to the renovation and designing of the kitchen. So, if you are still stuck with an old kitchen model, you should definitely ease up your life a bit and get the latest modular kitchen.

Now, first of all, let us understand what a modern kitchen actually is! A modern kitchen – usually another term for modular kitchen- is made up of pre-made modules or cabinet parts that are fitted together to make a functional kitchen. As we have already mentioned above that kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house and so an eye catching kitchen style can go a long way in complementing the look of your home. Decorating and renovating the kitchen is an interesting job as you get to experiment with glossy steel, wood, laminates, plastic, granite etc.

It is time to give your kitchen a makeover!

You can either purchase a new and improved modular kitchen for yourself or you can just change the look of your old kitchen by painting the cabinets and making some changes here and there.

Before going further into the details and specifics, let us first understand what a modular kitchen is and what elements it comprises of. Also, let’s assess both pros and cons of getting a modular kitchen.

As it has already been established- a modular kitchen is the one that comes with pre-made modules or cabinets, it is highly modern in design and style. Hence it is difficult to get one made from your local carpenter. So, it is always recommended to purchase a modular kitchen or at-least seek some professional help if you decide to get it constructed on your own. 

The advantages of Modular Kitchens

Advantages of Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchens are easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble.

This feature is highly appealing to renters because the module system allows the whole kitchen to be shifted whenever you move. You can also get it repaired or altered again for the new space. This option is fairly pleasing, as in India, your old mason/carpenter-built kitchen never offered this convenience.

Made for you and just for you

All the modules in a modular kitchen are made keeping in mind the space that you require, your usage, your requirements, your demands and, as well as the budget. It is your personal kitchen in the truest sense. Even the kinds of materials and finishes available for the exterior have your influence. So, if you want a normal straight kitchen, you can opt for it or you can go for a kitchen with an L shaped cabinet that makes the best possible use of the space available according to your requirements and budget.

Modular shelves save a lot of space

In today’s time, it is not economically sound to get a big house, and when almost every city in India is facing a problem of space crunch, you just cannot afford to let your kitchen use up a lot of space. But that does not mean that cooking needs to be a cramped affair. A modular kitchen makes optimum use of the space available even in the smallest of apartments without making the area look cramped or congested. Some modular shelves are designed to hang on doors; some can utilize even the most cramped corners, whereas one can convert even the narrowest spaces into a jar rack.

Modular kitchens are made by professional designers and can be delivered to you in as less than 3-4 weeks

Getting an entire kitchen made with the help of your carpenter is a tiring and cumbersome affair. But modular kitchens are usually made by professionals and are delivered to your home without any hassles. It is also extremely easy to get them installed.

Contemporary Aesthetics

The look of the modular kitchen feels like straight out of a home in a magazine, now doesn't it? The sleek contemporary designs are truly to die for.

It helps you de-clutter

It helps even the most unorganized of the people to arrange their things and de-clutter the kitchen by simply providing effective and efficient storage for everything; from vessels, containers, cutlery to wine glasses.

Smart design

Modular kitchen designs take care of details like storing the most commonly used items in near reach as compared to the ones used rarely. It also helps dividing your kitchen functionally into separate cooking, cleaning and washing areas.

The disadvantages of Modular Kitchens

Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen

It comes at a price

It is a widely acceptable fact that most of the good things come at a price, but in India, most of us are accustomed to getting kitchens designed and built by our local carpenters. So, the price of a modular kitchen might make us a bit uncomfortable.

The price usually starts from 70,000-1,00,000 INR for a very basic modular kitchen, built in a straight shape and can go up to 2-3 lakhs depending on the area, design and the efficiency. So, for example, an L shaped kitchen which requires less space and can make things more efficient is usually priced at 1,50,000 INR, while a U shaped kitchen with artistic designs that injects a sense of aesthetics into your kitchen and provides you more space to work, would cost you around 2,00,000 INR. But, rest assured, the comfort and facilities provided by this kitchen are worth every penny spent on it. 

Requires trained professionals

You may decide to get a "modular-like" kitchen made by your family carpenter or small local shop. But a true modular kitchen requires highly specialized and trained professionals. If not done by the right people, you may never be able to experience the modular kitchen in all its glory.

When required, maintenance costs can be high

Even though the modules of a modular kitchen are easily replaceable without affecting the rest of the kitchen, the maintenance costs still can be higher than the average. Each separate unit can cost you a lot depending on the size and design of that particular unit.

If you don’t wish to take the modular path, and still wish to give your kitchen a makeover, here are some things that you can do and the costs involved with it.

Get new furniture for the kitchen

You can opt for the contemporary sleek and stylish cabinets, which you can get for 15000 INR - 40,000 INR depending on the quality of wood and its spaciousness. To add a classy look to your kitchen, you can also purchase a wine rack, which would cost you anywhere between 5000 INR and 20,000 INR, again depending on the material and its capacity to store. Wine racks add a timeless charm to your kitchen and give it a sophisticated, vintage look. They are a nice addition if you want to renovate your kitchen without going the modular way entirely. You can also purchase small add-ons such as glass holders, racks etc. that would give a touch of modernity to your kitchen. This way, you can renovate your entire kitchen in 1,00,000 INR.


This probably is the cheapest way to renovate your kitchen and give it an aesthetic appearance. You can experiment with colours and make your kitchen appear subtle or bold depending on your choice. You can also explore various wall art designs for an artistic look. All this would cost you anywhere between 3000 INR and 10,000 INR.

Add accessories

If you are not very keen on experimenting with variety of colours, you can stick to the conventional, neutral colours and still give that oomph factor to your kitchen with the help of accessories. You can put up your own small exhibition in your kitchen or you can also use up the place to display your children’s artwork. You can also use potted plants such as peace lilies to give your kitchen a classy look. All this can be achieved under 5000 INR.

Now, as we have seen there are many ways to renovate your kitchen. You can either change it entirely and get a new modular one, for which you will have to shell out at-least 60,000 to 1,00,000 INR or you can take the conventional way and renovate it by changing bits and pieces of it. Whatever way you choose, make sure it is impressive. Because it is time to let your kitchen do the talking.

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