This Diwali Do Something Different – Let’s Go Green!

This Diwali add a comforting touch of green to your house and decorate it with plants. Plants, not only add a soothing aesthetic touch to your house but, they also purify the air inside by absorbing the toxins in the room.

Now when the entire world is chanting the “Go Green” mantra, it is time we should bring a bit of nature to our homes. Don’t worry, it is not a difficult process at all and would not take a lot of your time.

We know that you might be having a lot of questions right now. Where to begin from? What plants to choose? 

Well, you don’t have to worry because we have compiled a list of 12 plants to decorate your house, both - inside and outside.

Fishtail fern

It is an evergreen plant that grows and blooms all the year round. It is an ideal plant to be grown indoors as it needs very little sunshine and has average water needs, thereby making it easy to maintain. 

Peace Lily

Apart from exuding ethereal charm and giving an unparalleled aesthetic touch to your house, peace lilies also improve the air quality of your place. These plants require little sunshine and are easy to maintain. Also, they can be grown without the use of fertilizers and are drought-resistant. The plant is at its full bloom during spring which lasts for around two months.


If you are fond of plants but not up for the hard work required to tend them, then this is just the right plant for you. Dracaena is the low maintenance green that will add just the right amount of beauty to your home. It does not require much light, water or humidity, so you can conveniently forget to water it at times! The plant continues to grow and feed itself despite your indifference. 


This artistic plant requires sunlight in moderate amounts and can be put by any window to give it a beautiful, natural twist. It needs to be watered regularly but it should be done in moderate amounts.

Grape ivy

Grape ivy is not only aesthetically appealing but also a great air purifier. It can be grown without much hassle, requires dry air and minimal watering; hence it makes for a great indoor plant. 


These cute little indigenous plants will give your house a colourful makeover. Azalea has glossy leaves and reaches its full bloom in spring. It is a good air purifier too!

Plants that can be grown outside

Here is the list of beautiful, hassle-free plants that can be grown outdoors:

Aloe Vera

This magical plant needs ample light and moderate water to thrive. It is magical because not only is it good to look at but also caters to health, beauty and a multitude of your other needs. Now, what else can you want from a plant? 

Indian Basil or Tulsi

This plant is revered in almost every Indian home and has been given a lot of importance in the Ayurvedic medicine system. Not only does it make for a pleasant sight but it is also used as a reliable treatment for various ailments such as sore throat and fever. This plant grows in abundant sunlight and needs moderate water. A great option for your outdoors!


This beautiful flowering herb is an insect repellant which has an incredibly appealing aroma, which makes it much more than just an aesthetic addition to your house. It requires abundant sunlight to grow, hence it is an ideal outdoor plant.


These are long stemmed flowers that can thrive even in poor soil. They come in different colours-red, white, pink and purple- and can make your outdoors look incredibly appealing. After all, a dash of colourful flowers can make anyone happy!


These beauties are a great piece of adornment for your outdoors as they are beautiful to look at. Also they are easy to maintain and require maximum sunlight with moderate water.


We are sure you are not oblivious to the charms that marigolds exude. And what’s more, you have many varieties to choose from, the most popular ones being French marigold flowers and African marigold flowers. They bloom continuously, without much ado and can add a touch of pristine beauty to your outdoors.

We are sure that these plants will give your house a truly natural and unique makeover without you fussing over it. So this Diwali, get ready to welcome nature home!

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