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Are you single? Did you just graduate? Have you got a new job? Are you new in town?

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House hunting problems faced by bachelors in Pune

9min. readLohitNeeti Kaushik — Jan 18, 2016 in Real Estate

This article explains the wrong practices followed by societies towards bachelors.

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Is Bangalore bachelor friendly?

4min. readLohitNeeti Kaushik — Dec 31, 2015 in Real Estate

Are you a bachelor looking for rent in Bangalore? If yes, find the best locations you should choose.

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A Quick Guide to Identify An Ideal PG in Bangalore

7min. readLohitMaruthi Gowda — Dec 27, 2013 in Lifestyle

The demand for PGs is increasing by the day. Moving to new cities can be made easier. Commonfloor guide helps you in refraining from making a wrong choice!

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