CommonFloor Groups launches ‘Smart Guard’ app to make gated communities extra secure!

CommonFloor Groups, a strategic business unit of, has recently launched a solution to the pertinent problem of keeping a gated community secure from unwarranted visitors entering the premises. The solution, named ‘CommonFloor Smart Guard’ is a mobile app that can be installed on any basic Android smartphone or tablet which will enable communities to turn their security guards into ‘Smart Guards’ and start recording visitor information digitally.

With increasing cases of thefts, kidnapping and other unforeseen security breaches which are witnessed even in gated communities, the age-old method of registering visitor information in the paper registers is obsolete. CommonFloor Groups set out to make communities secure through this simple mobile app that a security guards can use with ease. Using CommonFloor Smart Guard App, communities can let the security guards record the movement of visitors (Staff/ Guests/ Vendors) in the mobile app, send automatic SMS alerts to residents on guest arrival to ensure authorized entry. The apartment association gets regular automated reports listing the number of visitors and this helps in keeping a systematic record and good security measures at the community.

Commenting on the launch, Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder & Head – CommonFloor Groups, said, CommonFloor Smart Guard is a simple yet a technologically efficient solution to address the increasing challenge of security in a gated community. Our focus has always been on making communities smarter – one where residents can enjoy a hassle free and secure living and we strive to provide them the technological automation resolving their daily management hassles. This app is an extension to our Smart Community product portfolio that has automated solutions for managing communication, complaints, assets to automated invoice generation and accounting.”

He further added “We are also working with a few partners to integrate Aadhaar based verification in to the app so that they can do instant verification of staff identity.”

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Key features:

Using the app, one can record up to 15 data points about a visitor including photo, classify them as Staff, Guests and Vendors and record their entry/exit times. The app also works in offline mode, which means no internet connection is required throughout the day.   For the communities using CommonFloor Groups’ premium offerings, the app offers advanced features like Self-Check-In mode, Smart Authorization, Multi-gate Support and Phone support. The app can also be integrated with a biometric system to ensure seamless integration between various security systems a community may have.

CommonFloor Smart Guard app is free to download from Google Play Store and can be used for free by any community in India that is already registered on CommonFloor. Any new community can also avail the free app and register themselves through the app. Know more about CommonFloor Smart Guard here

About CommonFloor Groups

CommonFloor Groups, a strategic business unit of, is a leading online apartment management solution provider in India. The platform offers smarter solutions to cater to various needs related to living in a housing society, through a range of technology product & services over web and mobile app.

It provides a robust, cloud based online platform to residents & apartment associations to connect, communicate & collaborate with each other and transform their residential complex into a ‘Smarter Community’. The array of services enables apartment associations/ managing committees to perform various tasks smartly, ranging from collecting apartment maintenance online, managing resident complaints & communication, automated solutions for accounting, Inventory, asset, parking & staff management to name a few. It also offers a private social network for residents to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other online. CommonFloor Groups currently has more than 1 Million residents connected and hosts more than 1 lakh Groups on the platform.

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Zippr announces Technology Partnership with CommonFloor

Zippr, a new address format that solves the problem of explaining complex addresses in India has partnered with, India’s leading online real estate platform to allow quick and seamless listing of properties. With this partnership, a user having Zippr code can list a property on CommonFloor via the Zippr app in less than a minute. All a user has to do is select the Zippr code and provide basic information of the property he/she would like to list.

Zippr code is equivalent to house number and anyone with this code will see an option to quick-list their properties for rent or sale on the Zippr mobile app. With Zippr code, users will be able to list their properties on commonfloor platform in lesser time, as all the details related to their property will already be available with Zippr. The move will accelerate CommonFloor listing process which already has 5 lakh active property listings from over 200 cities and has over 1 lakh residential projects listed with it.

CommonFloor can now easily verify the property and will allow prospective buyers or sellers to get exact directions and navigation to the property using a smartphone.

ZipprSumit Jain, Co-Founder & CEO, CommonFloor said, “We are happy to associate with Zippr as we both are in e-commerce space and have a common goal to connect customers to our service through technology. The integration of Zippr with Commonfloor will provide customers a much faster and easier means to list properties. Our aim is to map every property in the country on our portal and such partnerships helps us to offer customers to view wide variety of properties on our platform, and take an informed decision before buying or renting.”

Commenting on this alliance, Aditya Vuchi, Founder & CEO, Zippr said “We’re excited to announce this partnership that will empower Zippr’s users to list their properties on the CommonFloor platform very easily. This service will augment many other services that we now offer within our mobile app. This is in addition to the rapid efforts to integrate with different municipalities and smart cities across India to replace the archaic house number with a smarter, shorter Zippr code.”

About Zippr

Zippr is a new address format that solves the problem of explaining complex addresses in India. It is a location management platform that allows users to create, manage and share personal or business locations through a unique code (called a Zippr) i.e. GTXU2727


Vikas Malpani says $90 billion worth of residential realty deals to be influenced by online medium in 10 years in an exclusive with ET Realty

In the next 10 years, residential real estate transactions in the country worth $90 billion, which would be half of all transactions then, could be influenced by the online medium, estimates Vikas Malpani, co-founder and vice president for groups at The total residential real estate transaction value in India, which includes apartment and plot sales, is currently estimated at $80 billion. Of this just 10% is influenced by the online medium today.

“However, the total real estate transaction value is projected to reach $180 billion in another decade, around half of which, or $90 billion, is expected to be influenced by the online channel, if I take a conservative estimate,” added Malpani.

The real estate sector has been reeling under sluggish sales due to high prices and costly credit and a severe liquidity crunch due to the cautious stance of lenders for the past couple of years. Over 7 lakh housing units remain unsold in eight major cities as of June this year, according to property consultancy Knight Frank India, and it will take more than three years to sell these homes at the current pace of sales.

Malpani feels the major reason for this situation is wrong product positioning by developers. “The premium homes segment–Rs 1 crore to Rs 1.5 crore and above–is feeling the maximum pinch of the slowdown,” he said, adding, “The right product is the need of the hour. It is not about how the product looks, but how it functions for you.”

The online real estate wave has been a story of major cities, with better internet connectivity and product availability. But Malpani says this trend will sooner than later catch up in tier 2, 3 and rural areas as well. “In another 10-15 years, smaller towns will be major growth drivers of online real estate growth,” he said.

CommonFloor has been focusing heavily on innovations, with the latest being CommonFloor Groups, which is a strategic business unit that addresses the needs of residents as well as apartment managing committee members. Some of the features of this includes accounting, parking management, facility management, etc. “We will soon bring in facilities for visitor management and security management in Commonfloor communities,” Malpani said.

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Zee Business showcases how CommonFloor is a one stop solution for home buyers and sellers

When you go to buy or rent a house, there are lot of hassles to be faced such as dealing with brokers, checking the location, comparing the club services etc. But now with companies like these problems can be solved easily. This show on Zee Business talks about how Commonfloor has become India’s largest real estate portal and helps users in making property related decisions.

Vikas Malpani, Co-founder & Head CF Groups, Commonfloor tells that Commonfloor is now a Real Estate ecosystem which brings together buyers, sellers, builders, home loan providers and offer all the services related to Real Estate Industry. The show also features Commonfloor Retina, a Virtual Reality innovation by Commonfloor, a first of its kind for the real estate industry

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A Memory To Cherish – Dinner With The Founders Of CommonFloor

It’s a friday evening, you are on the dinner table with few colleagues of yours. You chat about work, personal life, sports and anything and everything under the sun. Sounds familiar as any other dinner with your colleagues? And yes, it is! Except that the colleagues with you on the table are the founders of CommonFloor.


At CommonFloor, every month a selected group of employees get a chance to ‘Dine with the Founders’. This is a part of the rewards and recognition initiative by the HR team showing the employees how much the company appreciates, respects and values them and their achievement. Sakshi Gopal, one of the selected employees for the dinner with the founders – “I was nervous initially as I sat on the dinner table. But it was amazing to see that the founders were more excited to chat with us and get to know more about us. For me, it was the selfie from Sumit that sealed all the nervousness

It’s a small investment of time that will pay high dividends over time and help build a foundation of trust and mutual understanding” says Shilpi, VP- Human8 Resources.

It’s an enriching evening of -

networking – the selected employees from across functions get to network with each other, more importantly with the founders,

insights – an opportunity to know from the founders themselves as to how it all started for them and the journey they took to reach where they are today,

inspirational stories – it is quite amazing to see how you can draw inspiration from each other’s life story.

The founders were super excited to be a part of the dinner table conversation and this is what they have to say about their experience.

“It’s about creating the space and environment where employees can easily converse with each other and share ideas. I consider this evening as a catalyst for an environment in office where employees can share ideas and get inspired from each other.” says Lalit Mangal.

Sumit Jain says “This dinner is like any other family dinner. The key to success of such dinners is to have a free style conversation and talk about whatever you feel like, whether it’s about work or personal life. Just the way you would have with your family.” 

“As the evening unfolded, I was immersed in the exchange of inspirational stories that every person on the table had.” says Vikas Malpani.


As CommonFloor matures and grows, it is imperative that the founders spend time with their teams as they did when the company was in the infancy stage.