Mantri Tranquil Bangalore and CommonFloor

review_image Overall, perfect tool to manage apartments such as ours . Portal is very intuitive and easy to use. More than anything else, the support  is excellent.

Abhirup, Admin at Mantri Tranquil
Q. How has CommonFloor helped you manage your day-to-day association tasks? What features of CommonFloor have made a difference to Mantri Tranquil residents and association?

Some of the very useful features that we have used so far:

(a) Quickly creating sub-groups and having discussion within these groups,
(b) Option of SMS to the residents – very helpful when something needs to be communicated quickly and many are not online,
(c) Option to send email/SMS to selected blocks, to specific groups etc.
(d) Photo gallery,
(e) Issue tracker – to create issues faced by individuals or common issues.
Some features that we plan to use in near future:
(1) Committee member – adding members with assigned privileges,
(2) Add the property manager to the portal so that issues can be directly worked with him.We have a yahoo group already, but this portal has very effectively supplemented that, by adding many dimensions to the way we communicate.
Q: What are your recommendations to other Mantri communities in regards of using CommonFloor?
(a) Encourage folks to join CF.
(b) use the Issues tracker feature to track issues being worked by Home care (MEMPL), work with them to add them as Property manager.
This post is a part of our recent drive to showcase some of the active CF communities. To share your CommonFloor story please contact us.

One thought on “Mantri Tranquil Bangalore and CommonFloor

  1. Gopalakrishna

    Recently i tried to buy a 3 BHK flat in Mantri Tranquil. But to my surprise they were quoting around 70 lakhs which is aburd considering the location and market conditions. The builders are forcing the persons who have booked the apartment not to sell at lower rates. They are not allowing the persons who have booked the apartment to transfer the booking to other person.

    Mantri is out to fool the public by quoting unreasovable price. Hope the prospective buyers/investors take note of this and desist buying the flats at the prices quoted by the builder. This is the only way public can fbring the greedy builders to their knees.

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