Managing members of your Community at CommonFloor

One of the most important functions of having an online portal for your community members is managing their memberships on your portal.

This includes verifying the members are genuine, deleting/blocking members who have left the community and blocking fake users who try to enter your community.

CommonFloor already provides an enhanced level of information for verifying the genuineness of the member by making it compulsory to provide Block,flat, residing status and ownership status of every member. Every member unless invited to the portal has to await moderator verification, the member on hold is requested to provide a message to moderator to help him verify the credentials. Also the moderator can send message to member on hold without approving him, requesting for additional information.Additionally moderator can ask for apartment specific fields like Sale deed number etc. by using Custom column in member database.

Find below a way to manage memberships at your portal. *The edit/delete/Show mobile numbers and email ids are available to officially adopted communities.

(to view fullscreen click on “menu” and “view fullscreen”

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