15 Money Saving Life Hacks For Your Home

If you drop a 500 rupee or even a 100 rupee note, you will certainly bend over and pick that up, wouldn’t you? Well, without much more effort than that, we have a few money saving life hacks (loopholes, tricks or whatever you call them) for you which not only help you save few hundreds and thousands, but these frugal tactics can be done in and around your home. And don’t worry, we won’t suggest you buying cheap stuff, being miserable or compromise on your lifestyle, rather be a little cautious and spend some time which is absolutely worth as you will end up saving a lot of money.

In our budget conscious lifestyle where we often focus on bigger expenditure, we tend to miss smaller ones which can help cut costs and profit the most out of those purchases. Thus, we hunted the lows and highs to bring you the brightest hacks. Now, let’s see how you can save money at different places in your home:

Outside Your Home

Home Exteriors

Paint your roof white

Are you wondering, how is this going to save you few bucks? Now, gather your family for a short fun activity. Assign each one of them a roof and ask them to paint it white. Dark colored roofs tend to absorb more heat / energy and thus your rooms are warmer. The odd colors absorb lesser energy and your ACs will fall easy on you, thus your electricity bill. Also, seal up the openings in the windows with a plastic film or so. This is an excellent technique apparently as it saves upto 15% of cooling and heating costs.

Plant more trees:

Plant some trees around your home, particularly in the north and northwest directions. By doing this, you will surely block certain amount of sunlight entering directly into your home. Your abode will be cooler and you will be able to save much on your AC bills. Also, with some greenery around, your mind and soul will be refreshed. You can invite your friends and organize a party in your beautiful lawn and further save up on the cost of a venue. Else, you can have a romantic cup of coffee with your spouse in the lawn. In any case, it’s a win-win deal for you!

Living Room Hacks

Living Room

Switch to CFLs

If you have 100 watt bulbs in all your rooms, switch to CFLs. This alternate option is cheaper and longer lasting than the standard methods. In addition, it is highly effective and saves a lot of energy. In a house with 20 bulbs, the average cost you pay for regular bulbs is INR 700 for 8000 hours per bulb. However, switching to CFLs brings down the cost to INR 160, which accounts to a saving of INR 540 per year per bulb. You can save INR 6500 per year which is a huge saving apparently.

Adjust the AC temperature

Spend some money in a programmable thermostat and do remember to adjust the temperature. Adjust your room temperature to 20 degree Celsius in winters and 26 degree Celsius in summers. These temperatures are enough to give you a comfortable living. Anything above or below that in respective season, consumes 3 times more electricity per degree. Use curtains, as they can cut down the costs by another 45%. Just a simple activity can help you save INR 24000 – INR 30000 an year. Isn’t it great!

The Bed Room Hack

Bed Room

Close your closets

The simplest activity which many of us absolutely miss doing. Simply, close your closets after you use them.  You will surely save the energy consumed in cooling or heating that area. Also, you may save your clothes from wearing out easily. The activity can help you save INR 1800 a year.

The Bathroom Hack


Cut down on your water bill

This one is easy and highly effective. Remove the lid of your toilet flush and place one litre bottle at one end. The flush will now release 1 litre less water every time you use it. Average usage of toilets in a family of 4 is 20 per day. Thus, you save 80 litres of water every day, summing up to 3200 litres of water every month. Your water bill will reduce drastically. An alternate method is to merge a brick at the end. This trick is equally helpful and pretty effective. You can also save some rainwater to harvest your garden and use it for other purposes.

The low-flow showerhead

Call the plumber and adjust the shower head for low-flow. A low flow showerhead will consume less water and you can surely save INR 900 a year. It also helps you conserve water by 40% or more. It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Thus, a cut on the water usage helps you save on electricity bills as well. You can save upto INR 3000 more on energy consumption and can apply the same technique for other household taps as well.

The Kitchen Hacks


The electric teapot

Remember the little teapot every other hotel gives you to prepare a quick tea or coffee? Yes, it is very economical and gives you instant tea or coffee. The electric kettle is far more energy saving when compared to boiling the same amount of water using any other resource. This hack will help you save up energy bills.

Home brewed Coffee

Have a niche of having coffee early morning on the way to office? Well, the coffee shop normally charges INR 130 while the one prepared a home is hardly INR 15. The difference is so huge that you can actually buy a decent laptop at the end of every year. Yes, you read it right. How cool that sounds huh! Moreover, the latter option is pretty healthy.

The Basement Hack


Insulate water heater

Simply insulate your hot water heater with a heat blanket. The insulation avoids the energy transfer between your heater and the atmosphere. Do remember to leave holes for the temperature gauges to not loose or void your warranty. A one-time hard work may help you save INR 3000 per year. Also, set it to 43.5 degree Celsius which is a comfortable temperature and will help you save another INR 2400 a year.

The Entertainment Section


Cut down on your cable bill

An average family spends a huge sum an year on entertainment. It is observed that premium cable channels costs INR 1000 per month. Find the most appropriate deal for you and your family. Perhaps, the best one in your area. Many basic channels are free of cost. You may also use a HD antenna to get many local channels free. Figure out which shows you actually love to watch and pay only for those channels rather than going for all the unwanted local channels a cable provider offers.

Turn down the brightness

Retail storekeepers have brightness set to 100% to give you a better picture quality. However, if you lower the brightness and adjust other factors, you will get something good and will be able to save a lot on your energy consumption. Studies show that brightness set between 27-34% help you save INR 3000 on your electricity bill per year.

The Washing Hacks

Washing Clothes

Wash your clothes efficiently

Wash your clothes in cold water instead of hot water. This simple technique can help you save around INR 1800 a year. Want to save more? Check out the lint trap. Clean it using a wet cloth and you can save another INR 1800. Thus, you save around INR 3600 by a couple of steps and they won’t affect your cleaning quality either. And yes, we tend to dry our clothes in dryer. Use clothesline instead. It surely is a money saving technique as you save electricity by not using the machine dryer.

The General Tips

Money Saving Tips

Unplug unused electronics

When a particular appliance is not in use, unplug it. It is observed that a certain amount of energy is consumed even if the device is not running. Also, do not forget to unplug all the electrical appliances before you are off to bed. The simple technique will help you save loads. Remove the phone charger when it’s fully charged to save both, your phone as well as electricity. Apply the same rule for your laptop which on the other hand increases the battery life.

Use tap water

Tap water is pretty hygienic to drink. If you are used to packaged drinking water, switch to tap water. It will save a huge amount. Want even pure water? The answer is simple – Install a water purifier. A water bottle (20 litres) cost around INR 200 and not using it, including the cost of basic water filter can save INR 10000 per year. Next time when you plan a short trip, do not jump to the nearest departmental store and buy ice packets or bluebags. Rather, plan in advance and freeze plastic water bottles. One, they are free and two, the supply would be plenty.

All these money saving techniques will certainly help you save loads of amount when brought to a regular usage. And none of these will lower down your life quality. Just an extra bit of care and your saving will surely rise dramatically. 

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