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We need some fresh and diverse talent to help us with new insights and ideas”, haven’t we all heard this phrase in most meetings today? What better way than to get people with new perspectives into the organization’s system and build a pipeline of talented, young professionals. We at CommonFloor thought that through a well-structured internship program for talents from some of the most elite institutions across the country would benefit both the interns and us. This year in the months of April and May, we had about 9 interns from across various IIMs working on projects for analytics, marketing, corporate strategy and CFx teams. Since interns are as good brand ambassadors of an organization as the employees, we thought making them work alongside employees would give them the real experience.

The interns had their first interaction with Lalit Mangal, Co-Founder where he introduced the company in a compelling manner with the story of how CommonFloor started and what’s unique about CommonFloor and future plans of the company which kept the interns glued for the whole time. We believe that a mentor needs to be a friend and open to ideas, and that’s exactly what each of them experienced here. Each of the interns networked with their respective mentors to understand the nuances of how we do business and the various stakeholders involved in making the CommonFloor story a huge success.

It was wonderful experience to be a mentor for the IIM student who was so inquisitive and eager to learn - This brought a lot of fresh ideas and new thinking on the table! Hope we continue on this endeavor to mentor fresh talent! - Sukirti Sharma, Sr. Manager Marketing

It was the freedom to take the learning from the classroom and put it to action at the work space that encouraged them to give insights on key projects and real business problems faced in CommonFloor. Although this internship was short-term, each intern gained practical experience that helped them develop new skills and also gain an insider’s view to a possible career path that they may want to pursue. We were very eager to know what was in the mind of the interns during their time at CommonFloor. Here’s what some of them had to say about the amazing internship opportunity;

The work culture is such that it motivates us to think, innovate and contribute more every single time. - Sheetal Kumar S, IIM Ahmedabad
It's nice to see that employees across all the departments are easily accessible and very co-operative - Deeja Mohammed, IIM Bangalore The support from the team for completion of the project was excellent - Periyasamy S, IIM Bangalore

At the end of the internship project, the best internship project was awarded by CommonFloor to a deserving intern, making the whole experience enthralling for everyone. Interns for sure feel that they have become part of the CommonFloor family while they look forward to joining us on completion of their course.

It’s always exciting to see more people be part of the ‘brand’wagon – CommonFloor. Quite an awesome feeling, ain’t it?

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