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Below are the links to the posts that can help you to use CommonFloor services better.

1.Get answers to your queries and Discuss Issues


2.Buy-Sell-Rent  on CommonFloor: Reach to entire City


3..Uploading documents and pictures at CommonFloor.


4.Post and Search Notices?


5.Find activity partner: Hobby and Interest groups.


6.Create Private groups.


Administration & Moderation

7.Send SMS and Email notification to Residents


8.Manage access to users


23 thoughts on “Quick “How to” on Popular Features

  1. Commander Surendra

    I have a changed status with respect to my property tax. I have rented out the property now in Jan 11. I have paid the property for the year 2010-11 earlier. Am I liable to pay any difference now and for what period ?


    vaisnovi sarovar builder is not reliable and he is not giving whatever he agreed in agreement

  3. jyoti patil

    we have all new guages 3/8,9/8,10/6,4/7,8/9 etc all automatic i myself design &design civil sites also all new &transperant sites mechanical sites soap industry distilleries refineries &many more contact me all your need industrial equipments&Plant sites also

  4. Mahendra D Soni

    We want to change name of Bescom meter from builder’s name to our building’s association name guide us for rules

  5. meer

    sir can u guide me regarding my site in bangalore gangenhalli, survey no 13/2 & 16/1 measuring 30*40
    in schedule mentioned east to west conservance lane but i cannot locate

  6. Gagan

    Is there a way to subcribe to Digests instead of getting individual emails from my Apartment’s forum?

  7. munish

    hi .. guys looking for people harassed by ansals api for unnecessary interests and delayed office replies..
    and way out for the same……m the one… details may be sought from me on munish925@yahoo.co.in.. to prevent suffering if u are a new ansals api customer..

  8. Rajasekar

    Common floor service regarding rental has been very good. Immediate update of enquiries through email and sms has been very useful in fixing up my tenants. Thank you for your service.

  9. Jamuna

    I would like to unsubscribe and get out of Common Floor as there is too much spamming. I am also no longer an owner of the apartment! Pls help!

  10. Lohith Ramachandra

    Hello Anil,

    We have sent your details to the respective team.

    They would get in touch with you.


  11. Lohith Ramachandra

    Hello Jamuna,

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    As requested we have unsubscribed you from Commonfloor,since you are no longer owner of the apartment.


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