House Party Problems? Unconventional uses of items around the house!

Who doesn't love a house party? Whether you are a young college student or an office person, everybody finds several occasions in life to celebrate. But if celebration brings in get together, joy and happiness, it can also be stressful for the host.

Here are some amazing life hacks that can save you from such stress and can also be used as an alternative to your various party problems:

When Bottle Opener Goes Missing

This hack is a life saver for loads of people. A good host remembers to put drinks into the refrigerator so that they can be served chilled. In all the party excitement and arrangements, if you miss out to keep a bottle opener, don't fright. Try using your kitchen drawers’ handle as an opener. The Trick is very simple, fix the bottle cap below the edge of the handle and pull it in your direction. Tada! Voila, it's done. The cap is snapped away from the bottle.

Please Don't Stop The Music

Before you plan to buy a newly constructed home, you should gather complete information on the property and its value. Don't just assume that because a home has passed all legal formalities, it must be in good shape or is problem free. Don't be so sure that your builder or contractor did everything right just because they are a brand or have a good reputation in the market.You forgot to check if your speakers are working properly or not, or a sudden load shed happened. Don't worry, your party is not going to be a flop. Tune in an impromptu speaker. Use a glass tumbler, preferably should have enough space to fit your phone upside down. The glass tumbler amplifies the music to an appropriate volume and lets you rock and roll!

Keep It Clean

You have rearranged and decorated your house with new floor-rugs, furniture, cushions, etc. and are worried about things to get dirty? Make a paper cup out of a paper plate. This will hold snacks in one place and will prevent it from falling around. If you are serving Popsicle, use cupcake liners as Popsicle drip catchers to avoid it falling off while melting.

Avoid Using Unnecessary Glassware

When the party gets over, you are too tired to clean up the mess or run the dishwasher several times? In order to avoid this situation, ask your guests to label their glasses. Use paper tags, tie them around the glass and keep pens to label them. Thus, avoid unnecessary use of extra glasses and enjoy the party without worrying about the cleaning part.

Serve Chilled Drinks In Minutes

Like a smart and a good host you bought extra drinks so that it is always sufficient for the guests. But don't have enough space to keep it chilled? Take a tub, fill it with ice and water. Now add a pinch of salt, wrap drink bottles with tissue paper and put it in for 20 minutes. Hurrah! You have chilled drinks ready in minutes.

The Magical Aroma

Most of the things are checked in the list- food, drinks, music, seating, etc. Everything is done. And you are ready to host the most amazing party of the millennium. But in all the rush, did you forget to make your house smell perfect for the occasion? Don't worry, quickly gather some cinnamon sticks, tie them around a candle and use it as a centrepiece or a decorative piece. While a candle is burning, it will make your house smell wonderful throughout the party. You can also use coffee beans if cinnamon sticks are hard to find.

Unusual Dip Bowls

Be an inspiration for all, by serving your dips in a smart way. Cut the top of bell-peppers, fill it with different dips and place in the centre of the platter. This idea definitely reduces usage of dishes and also make you look creative in the beholder's eye.

Sparkling Ice Cubes

Once you get a hang of this hack, you are never going to miss it. You have served drinks in the clearest and sparkling glasses but, ice cube looks foggy and dull? To make your drink look expensive and rich, use ice cubes made out of boiled water. This will make ice cubes look glittering.

Frozen Fruits

Enhance your mocktails flavour by using frozen fruits instead of ice cubes. This will sustain an original flavour of mocktails and keep it cool.

Set The Mood

Lighting is a very important way of enhancing the ambiance of any place. Be it an outdoor party or indoor, it builds the mood of your guests. Be more funky and creative by wrapping a coloured cellophane around tube lights or CFL's. Or, use small colourful LED lights to beautify the grass or pathway of the house.

Hosting a party is always fun. No matter how tired you get, in the end you get a chance to create some happy memories with your friends and family. Such easy party hacks definitely take some load off your head and let you be the most amazing and smartest party organizer.

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