9 Home Inspection Mistakes To Avoid Before Buying

Whenever you buy a home, remember that there’s nothing cheap about the process. Buying a home involves different costs like down payment, inspection cost, renovation cost, legal cost, documentation cost, etc. These expenses can create a cavity on your savings before you even shift to your new home. Such expenditures are difficult to control for the buyers, who are new to the idea. However, there are ways to avoid such mistakes and save yourself a great deal of money. Know more about Home Inspection.

Here’s a list of few common home inspection mistakes made by buyers before buying a home:

Not Hiring a Home Inspector

In the real estate industry, there are lots of competitive options available. While hiring a home inspector, remember, that the inspector is well qualified and skilled. Always choose someone who is competent and trustworthy. Although, a lot of cheaper options are available in the market, choosing them can make you repent later on.

Not Having a New Property Inspected

Before you plan to buy a newly constructed home, you should gather complete information on the property and its value. Don't just assume that because a home has passed all legal formalities, it must be in good shape or is problem free. Don't be so sure that your builder or contractor did everything right just because they are a brand or have a good reputation in the market. Experience your Home now.

Not Participating in Inspection

There are buyers that choose to stop the inspector to inspect thoroughly. It is right to let the inspector do his job, but also, you should meet your inspector regularly and let him know your checklist and things you are worried about. This way, you can see the issues whether big or small and avoid unnecessary spending later on.

Ignoring the Inspector’s Advice

Often, buyers do not follow the instructions provided by the inspector to avoid expenses. But the fact is, you may not realize how much it will cost to fix a given defect at a later stage. If possible, gather complete information on repairs from the inspector. He will guide you properly and thoroughly during the entire process.

Blindly Following Your Inspectors

Even though you have hired a well-qualified and trained inspector, don't trust him blindly. A good inspector will always give you ideas on what needs to be replaced, but he cannot always be 100% correct. Make sure you take such points into consideration while negotiating repairs. Check out few Vastu tips before moving to a new house.

Ignoring the Exterior Problems

Mostly, home inspectors only consider insides of a home which mean, you might miss on problems beyond the interior of the home itself. This will leave you tackling with problems outside your home e.g. Fences, Rooftops etc. Unfortunately, repairing these elements costs a lot. Keep yourself informed about Facility Management.

Not Creating a List

Home inspectors mostly don't inspect underground pipes, tanks or wells. If you're going to buy a home, be sure to add these items in the list of home inspection. If your inspector doesn't agree to handle these types of structures, consider hiring someone else.

Relying on Real Estate Agents for Referrals

Real estate agents often provide recommendations to help clients choose a home inspector. However, relying on real estate agents for referrals, may not be in your best interest. Usually, these referred home inspectors ignore faults at home to return a favor to the realtor. To avoid such situations, always research and find someone trustworthy. Also, select your agents wisely.

Not Doing Your Research

It's good to be decisive, but rushing to a decision can be equally harmful. Whether it's buying a new home or getting the home fixed, always do your research. Home inspection mistakes happen due to the lack of involvement of the buyer. Any well-maintained home needs an inspection for accuracy and consistency.

Therefore, it is important to take adequate measures to avoid unnecessary chaos and expenditures while buying a home. It is essential to complete your research and then make decisions regarding home inspection. As long as you avoid above mistakes there should be no issues with finding a competent and ethical home inspector.

Good luck with your search!

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