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Add more light to your festivities by knowing some special facts.

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Santa in CommonFloor to celebrate Christmas!

1min. readLohitRanjith Narayanan — Dec 25, 2015 in Commonfloor News

Work is play at commonfloor! Check out how we celebrated this Christmas!

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10 must-see Christmas vacation spots!

10min. readLohitNeeti Kaushik — Dec 24, 2015 in Lifestyle

Christmas is synonymous to celebrations. Add more to your celebrations by visiting these must-see Christmas vacation spots!

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UncommonGoa: Story about celebration, belongingness & beauty of Goa!

1min. readLohitPR Team — Dec 24, 2015 in Lifestyle

Goa, a city with nostalgic memories! Commonfloor, in its series of Uncommon Cities, launches a new video on Goa!

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