Commonfloor Uncommon Cities: Kolkata Nimantran

RakeshBy Rakesh December 8, 2014

Continuing our "Uncommon Cities” series, presenting you the breathtaking film on Kolkata, you WILL fall in love with the city.

At the heart of every city, are its people. But what about their city do the people love? What are the things that give them true happiness, warmth, and memories, which they carry with them through every moment of their lives? Is it always the grand architecture, the rich history, the vibrant culture? Or is it the little things? That boat ride with a lover, the tingling taste of their favourite sweet, that rush of emotion when they open an old wardrobe? Or is it a bit of both?

We thought about it long and hard, and realised, that only one who had the answer was the city herself. So we asked her. In this film, written by Rohini Joseph and directed by Singapore based production house, Big 3 Productions director, Arjun Chatterjee, we hear from the city herself, and get her take on what makes her residents love her so much.

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