Commonfloor revamps its blog!

It all started in the month of October, when a group of CommonFloor employees decided to do something very effective using minimal resources and time. Thus paving way for the revamping of Commonfloor Blog site:

The new blog is one of its kind with 100% SEO compliance and a framework that best communicates the insights about Real Estate, driven by facts and analysed by experts.

Real Estate industry is still in an inchoate state in terms of regulations and functioning – which is why, we envision to organize Real Estate Industry through technology and data to enable fulfilling property decisions. In this endeavour of achieving our vision, we have made yet another leap of revamping our blog section.

The blog covers Real Estate industry in a wide perspective and thus hosts 5 major categories, which are:

Real Estate

Data driven insights about the developments in Real Estate industry is captured in this category. If you are a keen reader, who wishes to be informed about the latest buzzes in the industry and their implications, then this is the right place for you to visit frequently!


How can I own a house before 30? Am I the only one who thinks that investing in Real Estate is risky? To get the right answers to such questions, you just have to keep a track of the articles published in this category. Get academical insights, pros and cons of investing in real estate with used cases.


Who doesn’t want to make life simpler and better with minimal effort and spend? We give you special tips and suggestions that bring great improvements in your life with less effort and money.


Real Estate is one such field, where every buyer functions with a constant bug of suspicion. Therefore, we provide you Expert insights about activities pertaining to real estate through which you can make an informed decision.

CF News

Get constant updates on our innovation, launches and contests. Through CF News, we will constantly be in touch with you and communicate every activity happening in and around Commonfloor.

Commonfloor Blog proves to be the best across the industry with special features and quality content. A few special features introduced in the blog are:

  • Mobile First + 100% Responsive
  • Built for Speed
  • Better content structure
  • Interactive Charts & Maps
  • Power Embedding Features (Live Tweet, Video, SlideShare & Carousel)
  • Site-wide Social Sharing feature (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn & Whatsapp)
  • SEO friendly image lazy loading
  • 100% lossless compression for images 
  • Email Subscription Management (Subscribe, Confirm & Manage)
  • Time to read the article feature 

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