Commonfloor On Young Turks - CNBC, TV 18 was on TV for the very first time. CNBC  TV18 did a segment on Commonfloor on its entrepreneur show YOUNG TURKS  on the 20th October, at 11 a.m.

This Young Turks special series spoke about CommonFloor as a successful business model for e-commerce based network marketing and their impressive product offerings and growth story on ‘The Next Big Opportunity in India’. The show also encompassed the entire operating procedure of listing an finding the property on the online portal and also glimpses of the AMS (Apartment Management Software) user interface.

The show featured an interview with one of the three founders and CEO, Sumit Jain, where he said, "We want to become a destination portal for everything related to homes starting from buying, selling, renting to staying and managing. This is our vision with commonfloor, our vision is think homes, think commonfloor."

He also added that, "Real estate market is growing around 42% CAGR and what we are doing we are growing over 300% every year. Everybody is choosing online media to find properties or to market properties so the buyer is coming online, the property dealer is coming online and property builders are coming online, property owners are coming online. So, it’s a wonderful time to be in this space".

Read more about the coverage and to watch the video.

Commonfloor is proud to be covered by CNBC, TV 18 and get our very first TV coverage.

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