HackAttack 3, Ideas Transformed to Action!

They were getting attacked from all sides with the weapons. You could see the fear of losing in one's eyes and the joy of winning in the others'. It was one of a kind battlefield, where people attacked with their ideas to create something new.

After two successful editions, 'HackAttack'- the flagship event of CommonFloor, was organised on October 30 & 31, 2015. The 24 hours hackathon had more than 50 registrations and the best 20 teams, comprising of a mix of techies, designers and other service functions battled it out with their innovative ideas. The hacks were presented around the theme 'Data and Insights'.

Hackathon is fun. No doubt about it. But there is the undeniable built-in benefit that it trains you to get your ideas out the door. And make no mistake, you are competing at the same time with other awesome ideas too. The attackers (the participants) bring along with their army or even code as a one man army. What matters is that they deliver their product within the stipulated time. - Ranjith Narayanan, Manager-Internal Communication.

Hackathon is filled with a whole spectrum of hiccups; from technical issues to general urge to quit. But, it’s the desire to build something new that keeps it going. - Kishore, one of the winners.

Watch the video to know more about HackAttack.

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