Commonfloor Encourages its Employees to Keep Healthy

In today’s fast paced business world, the long working hours coupled by our modern sedentary lifestyle leaves us very little time for anything, right? CommonFloor aims at promoting a healthy lifestyle among its employees and introduces a plethora of health initiatives for a healthy working environment. The connection between health and job performance is widely known. CommonFloor offers comprehensive healthcare benefits, insurance for self and family, flexi time to eligible employees.

CFitness, a wellness initiative is aimed at promoting health awareness and the benefits of healthy lifestyle among employees. “The attitude and energy that an employee brings to work is our utmost priority. At the same time, energy can be vulnerable to fatigue and burnout. By offering diverse fitness initiatives and programs we aim to encourage employees to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.” says Shilpi, Vice President, Human Resources. Regular health check-ups are conducted in the office premises for the convenience of the employees. Workshops like ‘Yoga at your desk’ aims to educate employees in a positive, fun and interactive way about the healthy and unhealthy boundaries.

We thought what better way to enlighten employees on benefits of healthy lifestyles than making them compete with their fellow colleagues? So we started the CFitness challenge which saw employees competing with each other on activities like ‘Push Ups’, ‘Skipping’, ‘Drinking Bitter gourd juice’ etc. keeping the competitive spirit alive. “I never liked to exercise and couldn’t see how to incorporate it into my daily schedule, but it was the competitive element that really made the difference”, says an employee who is now actively following a fitness regime.

Since we are a technology company, we thought it does make sense to take technology that people were already adopted to and migrate that to a health platform that includes social media and social gaming. We used gamification of health activities and the power of being social connected on a mobile health app which was a twelve week long activity. This social media fueled challenge in coordination with Feet Apart allows employees to compete on various health activities as individuals and teams, post comments, set personal fitness goals and encourage the fellow colleague to join the crowd which was a super hit among all.

Mobile health apps like ‘Moves’ and ‘RunKeeper’ connect the employees’ activities to the online platform on a real time basis. The ‘leader board’ springs the additional fun and push to the otherwise conventional health practices. In the months to come, CFitness will incorporate more healthy living initiatives thus benefiting both employers and employees. More challenges, more fun and a fitter workforce makes CommonFloor one of the most sought after companies to work for today!

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