Commonfloor Featured in 'Mouse Charmers' at Digital Pioneers of India

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April 24, 2014: has been featured in Anuradha Goyal’s book – “The mouse charmers – Digital pioneers of India”. The book that was launched on April 24, 2014 is about the latest breed of entrepreneurs in emerging India that are powered by the Internet and the opportunities that it offers. It throws light on how successful digital entrepreneurs have capitalized on the internet’s power to create new markets and to cater to old markets in new ways.

The author shares the stories of twelve of these digital entrepreneurs in three key areas: commerce, content and connectors. that has been included in the “Connectors” category is the only real estate portal in the book. The Book features CommonFloor’s Inspiring journey, initial challenges, its innovations, technologies it offers, its business model and its unique marketing strategies. Motivating and insightful, the story offers great guidance to aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

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These are some Book Excerpts

General Excerpt

IN THE HISTORY OF mankind there have been few times when the ways of the world have transitioned in an irreversible way.  Some of the earlier transitions happened when man discovered agriculture that led to permanent settlements, when wheel was discovered that enabled long journeys, when printing press was discovered and education and learning changed forever, and of course the industrial revolution that made mass production a norm and customization a luxury.

In our generation, the advent of Internet has brought in a similar transition. It has irreversibly changed the way we do many things. My generation—born in 1970s and grown up in 1980s—never thought that that of our life would be very different from that of our parents. We started working sometime in 1990s, a lot of us in professions that did not exist while we were in school, and by the turn of the millennium, we were not only using cutting-edge technology products but also contributing to creating them for the rest of the world.

Excerpt from “Connectors” Chapter

IN THE GOOD OLD days, our social networks were primarily limited to families, friends, neighbours and colleagues. The number of people we interacted with at any point in time was limited to those who were in the immediate vicinity or may be a phone call away. However, with the advent of social media, our interactions with other people has multiplied manifold.  People whom we have met even once get added to our digital social networks and are not lost after the meeting.

Digital communication has made everyone equidistant as we use the same mediums to interact with people in our own cities as well as those located across the globe. The digital space has given birth to many communities by enabling connections between people who may not have met otherwise.

Excerpts from Chapter on

By 2009, data indicated that a lot of visitors to the CommonFloor portal were looking for properties, along with the fact that roughly 30–40 percent of the properties belonged to non-residing owners. The company had an option to list the properties for sale or rent, but the visibility was limited to community members. Based on the data, CommonFloor opened up the listing to the rest of the visitors and this opened a world of possibilities for them. Brokers came looking for the data, for this was a gold mine for them and they were willing to pay for the access. Since the community had both buyers and sellers, owners and tenants, the brokers saw an opportunity in adding to the listings for a fee and the response they got was encouraging. This led to the CommonFloor team working closely with the brokers, as they wanted to keep the above mentioned apartment management software free for the communities.

Sometime in 2011, CommonFloor experimented by bringing a builder on board and the response from the users was again overwhelming. This was the beginning of their association with the builders and today, they are an important building block in the CommonFloor ecosystem. This also completed the lifecycle mentioned above, with an engagement point at every step of the journey of a home seeker to a home owner. Now, you can see all the upcoming property projects on the portal in the city you login from. Each new project has a buyer forum that facilitates interactions between the buyers, potential buyers, and builders. They have started offering facilities like site visit to help the users choose properties as part of their going offline in bringing two parties closer.

CommonFloor’s mobile application is now a key alternate platform, as origin of Internet traffic slowly shifts there. It extends the functionalities of their website to the mobile platform, like search, sorting based on parameters like price, size, relevance etc., and the ability to save and share search results. The added advantage comes from a map-based search that gets you properties within 2-3 km range from where you are. They have experimented with an augmented reality that allows you to view properties around you using a phone and its camera by showing all the properties listed in the direction pointed by camera.

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