Commonfloor Believes in Making Life Easy For its Employees

We at CommonFloor believe in making life easier, a life where you can achieve some degree of balance between your profession and other realms of life, if not strike the right balance. We continuously strive in providing opportunities for our employees to have time available for activities outside work; to spend time with family or pursue a hobby of their choice to foster a more balanced lifestyle. TIME IS IN YOUR HANDS, USE IT NOW! As we understand that time-off from work is necessary for maintaining productivity and effectiveness, CommonFloor has introduced benefits such as flexible work hours, extended weekends, compensatory offs to encourage employees to make better usage of time.

Flexible working hours allow employees to resolve critical personal matters when needed, so that they can bring sharper focus and clarity to their work.”  - Shilpi Pandey, Vice President, Human Resources

Shruti is one among the many who opt for the available two days ‘work from home’ option on need basis thus making her life (both personal and professional) easier.

I started my day as usual. Dropped my kids at school and was on my way to office. On the way, I get a call from my bank asking to provide few additional documents immediately for the loan that I applied for. I informed my manager that I will finish the bank work in an hour and work from home for rest of the day rather than spending more time on commuting to work. - Shruti, a CommonFloor employee

The unique extended weekend’s initiative introduced by Commonfloor is being widely appreciated by the employees. Over 80% of the employees believe that extended weekends have helped them plan their family holidays more effectively or do those things that couldn’t just fit on a Saturday and a Sunday. A company which helps its employees grow along with it is a dream for everybody right? CommonFloor aspires to foster a friendly and balanced culture so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds without compromising on anything! Very few companies have been successful in achieving this and CommonFloor for sure is one such company offering its employees a plethora of benefits making life easier.  

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