Commonflooor Indulges in The Spirit of Chirstmas and Wishes You All a Merry Christmas

HR TeamBy HR Team December 24, 2012
"City sidewalk, busy sidewalks Dressed in holiday style. In the air there's A feeling of Christmas".

Any yes there truly is.. A season of Christmas trees, Churches  prayers, lending a helping hand hand, spreading a smile, stockings hanging from the mantel over the fire-place, Santa, gifts, candy, holly, cribs, wreaths, plum-cake, wine, and a lot more...

This season is all about giving and receiving and spreading the word of joy. The team at Commonfloor has been celebrating the spirit of Christmas with wholehearted enthusiasm. The team played Secret Santa, where they picked chits from a bowl with names of all employees and then brought their special Christmas pal a special gift, in the spirit of giving and spreading the cheer. On the other hand the office also organised a 'deck up your work station contest' where the participants decorated their desks around the theme of Christmas, as well as decorated their work area's department-wise.

Catch a glimpse of the celebrations at CommonFloor.

The entire team at CommonFloor would also like to wish all of you'll a Merry Christmas! May this Christmas turn you wishes into dreams... and dreams into reality..


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