Chapter Commonfloor Begins With a Bootcamp For Freshers

The day starts with excitement and at times nervousness creeps in. Either you are unusually chatty or mostly quiet. From knowing which coffee is worth drinking to going for the first lunch with your buddy. Isn’t this the way the first day in our first job feels like? And for the organization, it’s the excitement of having a fresh talent into the system who would come with new perspectives and help us shape tomorrow’s company. It was the month of June when 19 fresh and diverse talent from across various prestigious institutes like IIT, NIT, BITS Pilani and RV College of Engineering were added to the pipeline of CommonFloor’s Product and Engineering team.

We believe in the energy, raw talent and fresh perspective that campus freshers bring in to the organization. We create a platform which nurtures their desire to learn, and keenness to make an impact at a larger scale, thereby shaping up the careers of these highly talented individuals - Dinesh, VP - Engineering & Technology

Breaking the traditional ways of welcoming new employees.

From the story of the evolution of CommonFloor, to the sneak peek into the cool products that we build here; from the buzz we create in the media, to the thrill the employees experience on the floor; the pipeline of information surely does build the excitement to the big day of joining. A personal email from Dinesh, VP – Engineering & Technology at CommonFloor provides the right dose of inspiration that any new engineer needs. By providing such unique experience, we at CommonFloor solve the challenge of instilling the culture and values of an organization in new hires and make them self-sufficient from the first day.

We believe in creating a unique experience for any new employee of CommonFloor. It's essential to make them feel comfortable about joining the company and get them to feel that they did make the right choice to join here. - Vidya, Manager - Human Resources

Graduating as a Bootcamper

As the new recruits walk into our office on Day 1, they are all enthusiastic about what’s in store for them and get ready for the Bootcamp. The boot camp is programmed to prepare the person in the aspects of:

  • Transition – the adaptation from college life to corporate life
  • Attitude – Directing their attitude and energy to the right direction
  • Ownership and Accountability – let’s face it…a fresher is not a baby for the organization, making them realise that it’s all about owning every outcome.
The Bootcamp helped patch up coding concepts and practice to ensure stepping into work for the 1st time was not a stressful task and cleared all previous misconceptions about company norms and practices - Rajat, IIT Kanpur Graduate

The 10-day Bootcamp is an opportunity for the new hires to get familiarised with the story of CommonFloor, the skillsets used to build CommonFloor’s amazing range of products, the various best practices followed at different levels of work done and a peek into the culture one needs to immerse into that the engineers have built. The candidates are given talks from various directors and development engineers, frequent assignments to keep them engaged throughout the camp helping them to love what they do and do what they love. A comprehensive session on the all-important people policies, compensation and benefits instils the confidence required for the transition from college life to corporate life. It’s all about informing and making them ready for what’s important right from the day they join. 

A fresher graduates from the 10-day marathon Bootcamp by participating in an exciting Hackthon - Fresh Hack. Hackathons are innate need of an engineer and ‘Fresh Hack’ serves as a foundation for some great and new ideas that at times in the future can turn into real products. We at CommonFloor believe that one of the takeaway from the Bootcamp is that it helps you to even unlearn habits that don’t fit with the competitive culture of CommonFloor. This sets the premise for CommonFloor always trying to something different from the ordinary and etching a mark for themselves. So for freshers all we would want to say is - Make no mistake freshers, as we are headed to achieve greater heights by climbing the success ladder as technology evolves and we evolve with it – along with you.

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