Best Places to Eat in Hyderabad During Eid

There is nothing better than breaking your Ramadan fast, by enjoying a grand feast at home with your family. But it is a real treat to the senses to step outside, to take a bit of the delicacies around. And who doesn’t crave for it!

The regal charm of Hyderabad entices you with its rich Nizami culinary offerings enough to make you guilty of gluttony. There's a whole bunch of places in Hyderabad to enjoy Iftar and a Ramadan feast.So grab your forks and loosen your belts as you go around Hyderabad.

Here are 7 places to enjoy a scrumptious Iftar:

Hotel Shadaab, Ghansi Bazaar

Push away the usual biriyani plate and reach out for the delicious Chicken Nihari here. This joint is a famous eatery, located at High Court Road, Hyderabad, especially during Ramadan, when people rush in to savour their Haleem. Check selected properties in Ghanzi Bazaar

Charminar Food Stalls

Savor your jaunt from the foot of Charminar, where along the narrow streets you will find vendors and stalls filled with steamy, yummy offerings. Mesmerising Kababs, tasty Parathas and Pather Ka Ghosht awaits you. Come early in the evening as the whole city would throng over to fish for samosas and other snacks. Explore 2 BHK Properties around Charminar.

Toli Chowki Sehri Special

Head over to Shah Ghouse Café, another favoured place for Haleem during Ramadan for Iftar Sehri (pre-dawn meal). The café is also notorious for their Irani Chai, Khichidi, Keema and Khatta. Explore properties in ToliChowki

Yousuf Tekri Food Court, Toli Chowki

If you are craving for an Arabian Iftar, then head to this place where you get the best Shawarma in the country. The Shawarmas here are dipped in authentic sauces that melt in your mouth. You can then either move on to a full-fledged dinner with LahamMandi or head over to Mandar for some exquisite biriyani (the best in the land famous for its biriyanis). Explore The Best Properties in Hyderabad

Barkas, Chandrayangutta

Located at a little way upside of the old city, Barkas is known for its authentic Saudi flavoured Mandi. So when you have had your fill of biriyani, head over here to taste the blissful Mandi, sprinkled with spices and aroma. Explore affordable properties in Kothapet.

Hyline Cafe, Koti

Located at King Koti, Hyline is a must visit place during the holy month. Pay a visit for a meatier and aromatic Haleem, which is guaranteed to make you a frequenter here. Best Properties in Koti

Pathergatti, Sheran

Parathas, spicy chutneys and tasty Kababs await you at Pathergatti, located at Sheran. The place is an island amidst the rushing streets and is one of the most heavily sought after joints for a midnight snack. Villas and Independent Houses in Hyderabad

So go right ahead, gorge on some of those authentic Eid specials and make yourself a happy eater!

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