BBMP Property Tax Self Assesment Scheme 2009

SAS 2009 for Property Owners

BBMP Bangalore comes with innovative ideas for easy and safe payment of tax. BBMP started collecting property tax from February 10 and the property owner can pay their tax through Citizens’ service center. It is estimated that government can keep track on the tax collected as BBMP organized one center for 4000 property and property owner can get information from BBMP on property tax collecting center from helpline that operates daily from 11 am to 2:30 pm.

BBMP has come with training session for property owners’ to get clear idea on calculation of tax. Currently BBMP collects property tax from Citizens’ service center for the year 2008-09. The property holders having arrears can contact zonal joint or additional commissioner for further proceeding. BBMP has advised property owner to calculate property tax on Unit Area Value (UAV) and not on the basis of Annual Rateable Value (ARV) which were previously calculated.

ARV is calculated based on expected rent from the property for the owner and UAV is method similar to optional SAS method in year 2000. UAV is calculated on the basis of expected returns and calculated on per square foot per month i.e., Unit, and value changes depending on particular location or street i.e., Area and the rate is multiplied which is Value. Therefore this method is known as UAV method.

Calculation of tax for property used for commercial and left vacant

Property owners had a problem in calculating tax for the property which were used for commercial use for part of period and left vacant for the remaining part of period. BBMP has advised property owners to calculate the tax at commercial rate for the period of time it was used for commercial purpose and tax at rate for residential owner occupied for the period it was kept vacant. The sum total will be the tax for period and you can enclose your calculation sheet along with your property tax return form. Vacant land will be calculated for 10 months and not for 12 moths a year.

Tips for calculating property tax

The following tips help you to file your property tax easily and safely.

  1. For calculating property tax exactly you can visit BBMP website and use the help of tax calculator. You can start calculating your tax with following link.
  1. After calculating the tax payable, know your ward number. It should be required when filing your property tax. If you do not know your ward number then need not worry. You can visit BBMP website for finding your wards number.
  1. Next you need to know the zone in which your property belongs to. This can be ascertained by the handbook of property tax available from BBMP website or from BBMP head quarters.
  1. Now fill in the details in calculator such as type of house, the year in which they built and other details. You can refer your previous year property tax receipt for making them easy.

Forms for filing returns

There are three different forms for filing returns and one separate form for property which are exempted from tax but has to pay service charge. The property owners with Property ID number (PID) has to submit returns in Form I which are printed in white color, if a property owner has no PID number but has Katha number can file returns in Form II which are printed in Pink color.

If you have a property that has no PID number and Katha number or the property that has been built but the local planning authority has not approved then you can file your return in Form III which are printed in Light Green color. The property which is exempted from tax has to pay service tax and has to use Form VI for submitting which are printed in Yellow color.

Exemption from property tax

The property exempted from tax has to pay service tax. The exemption on tax can be claimed only by institutions and organizations that are exempted under Section 110 of the KMC Act and individual property owner who has rented the property must pay property tax at its full rate and calculate under non residential use.

Tax calculation for car park for apartment owners’

In the case of apartment owners, extent of car park is measured by actual car park and deducts the remaining area. Tax calculation will be 50% of UAV on actual car park and full rate on the remaining area.

A good example is that if an apartment holder is having 1000sqft of car park in sales deed and actual car park is only 150 sqft, then calculate tax on car park as 50% of UAV on 150 sqft and deduct 850 sqft with full rate of UAV.

Tax for Property under dispute

The property owner has property under any dispute but wants to file return and the owner has no property ID number (PID) and Katha Number can submit return in the Form III which is printed in Light green color.

Citizen Service center

Soon Citizens’ service center will be providing the receipt for payment made in the center. Those property owners who have already made a payment can contact the center for receipt. The property tax is collected only through Citizens’ service center and for the owners who are abroad can authorize their relatives or friend to calculate tax. For authorization letter owner can scan the authorization or send in pdf format so that their friends or relatives can enclose them along with filing return.

Property owners can visit BBMP website for hand book for property tax. BBMP has organized Center for collecting tax in the rate of one center per 4000 property. You can contact 22222753 or 22276151 for BBMP help center between 11am and 2:30 pm.

Useful links:
BBMP Handbook

Update: Find below the announcement by Commisioner BBMP

Disclaimer: Data has been collated from various sources for reader’s convenience.

55 thoughts on “BBMP Property Tax Self Assesment Scheme 2009

  1. Selvakumari


    My father has constructed an additional room in front of his independent house in the May of 2013. Please let me know how the property tax for the current year to be calculated.


  2. Chandran Moses

    My son bought a site measuring 1720 sq.ft from one person who sold his land measuring 5800 sq ft to 4 different persons. my son is one of them. He has a valid sale deed. when he approached the concerned help cengre to pay the tax, the person in charge refused to accept the tax saying various reasons. Finally he said he said he will issue a receipt in the old owner and not in my son’s name. Please advise me the correct rule in this regard.

    d.chandran moses

  3. roosevelt_kowalski

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    I have joined your feed and stay up for seeking more of your fantastic post.
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  4. Lohith Ramachandra

    Hello Mr.Chandran moses,
    Sorry for the delay in reply.

    Please check whether katha is transferred in your son’s name .Tax can be paid in the name of the Kathedar only.If the katha is not transferred on to your son’s name take steps for the katha transfer.
    The query is answered by CF’s legal expert, Advocate Bina Pillai , Bangalore.


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