A Quick Guide to Identify An Ideal PG in Bangalore

In today's fast paced world, most people have to step out of their home towns to explore better frontiers and better careers options. Moving to a new city is never too easy. Think about it – you are out of your comfort zone of your home town and are left to explore everything all by yourself. A daunting task, isn't it?

But moving into a city like Bangalore is definitely a migrant’s dream. Known as the Garden city of India, Bengaluru is the base for several MNCs in India. The much spoken and written about success of its robust Information Technology industry has also resulted it being referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. And much like its US namesake – Silicon Valley, Bangalore too is open and welcoming to all migrants. Its multi-lingual culture among many other attributes makes Bangalore one of the most preferred Cities to migrate in India. Most migrants in Bengaluru admit to not missing home much.

The city's cosmopolitan and sophisticated culture along with a multitude of food joints and favourable weather all year round is a treat to ask for. It is neither unbearably warm nor bone chillingly cold here. (Though old Bangalorians will swear that it is getting hotter every year!) Your first challenge in a new city would be to find a safe decent place to stay. Whether it is PG accommodation, a house on rent or a hostel, you will find umpteen options. But the key objective is to find a place that is safe and offers you all you need at a reasonable price and nothing over the top. If you are considering staying in a PG (Paying Guest), here's a list of things you would want to look for to identify a good PG. PG is the most overused and wrongly used term everywhere.

If you are really looking for a PG, (where you get to stay with a family in an allotted room) then you should specifically state your requirement as hostels are also referred as PG accommodation in Bangalore.


The foremost thing to consider would be the location of the PG and the distance from your office. Now you don’t want to spend hours inching your way through Bengaluru traffic. (Trust me it’s a battle ;) The best option would be to live in the same area as your place of work or an adjoining locality at best.


Check the transport facilities that are available near the PG. An ideal PG should be near modes of public transport like bus stops, rail stations among others.


Check the surroundings to note whether shops, pharmacy, hospitals and restaurants are in the near vicinity. You don’t want to stay in a place which is really secluded and the nearest shop is a few kilometers away!

(Note: It is always better if the PG is located in a nice residential area with houses surrounding it)

Background check

When employers can do it, why shouldn't you? Before handing over the deposit for the place, talk to the other residents of the PG. (Note: Some paying guest options have weird restrictions on their tenants). Living with another family is never too easy. It requires a lot of adjustments and patience. Try to check out with friends and existing tenants about the house owners and the family.

Money Matters

Talk to the house owner about the exit options and whether the deposit is refundable or not.

Check the basics thoroughly

Monitor the room properly and note whether it is clean, warm and livable. Make sure there are no water leaks or any other construction issues. Check whether water supply is continuous and if hot water is available. Make sure the bathroom is clean and hygienic.

(Note: PG accommodations are normally furnished with a cot, a chair and a table). Check whether all the amenities that are promised by the house owners are available to the tenants. Most house owners copy paste ads without checking, so you will need to make sure whether the attached bathroom is really attached to the room or is elsewhere.

Usage of electrical appliances

Clarify whether you are allowed to use electric and other electronic items in the room. For example, electric cooker, sandwich maker, laptop etc. There are some PG that have restrictions when it comes to electricity usage. If wireless internet connection has been promised then check whether the connection is really available.


Some PG’s do not serve non-vegetarian food while some offer both. If you want the meals at specified timing, then you will have to mention it to the house owner. Some lenient house owners also allow their tenants to use the kitchen to cook their own food.

Are there any restrictions

You don’t want to come home late after a party with your friends and stay locked out, right? Most PG’s do not allow their tenants to entertain guests (of either sex) in their rooms. If you have any objection to this restriction, then you need to clarify it with the owner.

Safe and secure

Ensure that the house is secure and the people in the family are decent. Trust your instincts and if you are not comfortable with the people or the surrounding decide quickly and move out. Nothing is more important than your safety and the security of your personal belongings.

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