A Memory to Cherish - Dinner With The Founders Of Commonfloor

It’s a friday evening, you are on the dinner table with few colleagues of yours. You chat about work, personal life, sports and anything and everything under the sun. Sounds familiar as any other dinner with your colleagues? And yes, it is! Except that the colleagues with you on the table are the founders of CommonFloor.

At, every month a selected group of employees get a chance to ‘Dine with the Founders’. This is a part of the rewards and recognition initiative by the HR team showing the employees how much the company appreciates, respects and values them and their achievement.

It’s a small investment of time that will pay high dividends over time and help build a foundation of trust and mutual understanding. - Shilpi, VP- Human8 Resources

Sakshi Gopal, one of the selected employees for the dinner with the founders says,

I was nervous initially as I sat on the dinner table. But it was amazing to see that the founders were more excited to chat with us and get to know more about us. For me, it was the selfie from Sumit that sealed all the nervousness.

It’s an enriching evening of networking – the selected employees from across functions get to network with each other, more importantly with the founders, insights – an opportunity to know from the founders themselves as to how it all started for them and the journey they took to reach where they are today, inspirational stories – it is quite amazing to see how you can draw inspiration from each other’s life story. The founders were super excited to be a part of the dinner table conversation and this is what they have to say about their experience.

It’s about creating the space and environment where employees can easily converse with each other and share ideas. I consider this evening as a catalyst for an environment in office where employees can share ideas and get inspired from each other! - Lalit Mangal
This dinner is like any other family dinner. The key to success of such dinners is to have a free style conversation and talk about whatever you feel like, whether it’s about work or personal life. Just the way you would have with your family. - Sumit Jain
As the evening unfolded, I was immersed in the exchange of inspirational stories that every person on the table had! - Vikas Malpani

As CommonFloor matures and grows, it is imperative that the founders spend time with their teams as they did when the company was in the infancy stage.

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