7 Ways to Reduce Stress While Moving to A New Home

We all respond to stress differently and there is no perfect solution to manage stress. The best way is to deal with it and plan things differently to reduce stress.

Moving / shifting to a new home can be stressful if not planned properly. This requires a lot of thinking and planning if you are moving to a new city or country. There are usually 2 specific reasons if you are willing to move. First, you got a new job. Second, you bought your dream house. In both the cases, I guess congratulations are in line…

While you are excited taking the next step in your career or life, moving can be crazy and stressful. I did not come across anyone in my life who says moving is completely stress-free. But there are ways to ensure you have a much less stressful move.

Following are the ways which I feel can be helpful-

Give Yourself Time

Time is one thing that is not in our control. Sometimes, we have to move suddenly due to short notice. Changing your life rather drastically, give yourself time to think through all the options and plan things accordingly. Get familiarized with the concept of moving. If you have kids, it can affect them emotionally to move to a new place. It is advisable to make them familiarize with their new surroundings if possible.


Planning is important to have a hassle-free moving. Get things straightened in your mind ahead of time. Make a list of things you would like to do and take care of. For example, admission of your kids to a new school or getting your address changed.

Clear your schedule in advance for a week or so to get everything in place and order. Be clear whether you would like to hire movers and packers to do your bidding. If yes, book them up in advance.

Get Organized

Define your priorities. Make use of the list you have prepared and divide the important tasks to perform weekly. Try to stay on track while performing your tasks.

Outsource or delegate few responsibilities to family and friends. This helps in reducing stress to an extent and getting ready when the time comes.

Clear the Clutter

Don’t wait for the moving day to come and box everything then. Rather, start boxing small-small things and throw the stuff which isn’t useful to you or give away to charity.

There is nothing more frustrating than packing and un-packing. Sometimes, de-cluttering also helps you unburden some of the old stuff that might have been holding you back. This process will help you in adjusting and making a transition between your past and future.

Get Help

As it is said, many hands make the work fun and easier. And when you are moving, you need as many hands as you can get.

Ask friends and neighbours to lend a hand. Sometimes, it is difficult to ask for help from others when they already have their busy schedule. Ask them to give 2-3 hours of their time to help you. If you are moving far away or to another country, it might be a very good opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Eat Well and Get a Proper Sleep

The two important factors which we tend to ignore during situations like this. But these will help you in keeping healthy and strong. So make sure you are having enough sleep and having meals three times a day. Don’t miss on the meals and try to live up on tea or coffee (which is very likely though).

If you have kids, you would want to make sure they are enthusiastic enough about moving and having proper sleep with all the fun around. Be patient and answer all their queries about their new home.

Have a Back-up plan

It’s always good to have a back-up plan of everything you do. I am not asking you to make a full-proof back-up plan, but rather be ensure to have a list handy if somethings doesn’t goes as planned. Let say, the movers and packers you booked didn’t turn up on the day. In such situations you always know you have a back-up rental agency to replace the previous one.

My friend has his own rental company. He told me once, he always keeps a back-up of 2-3 different size trucks if anything goes wrong. So I know, someone is always available on my beckoned call.

And last not the least, remember to breathe...

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