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Everything one ever desires can now be obtained with the click of a button and one such thing on the never-ending list, is real estate. Whether one wants to buy, sell or rent property without resorting to dusty travels and dingy meetings with shady brokers and real estate agents, now there are portals galore to fulfil our needs. Taking a cue from the boom in the online real estate segment is, a one stop shop real estate destination, which brings builders, buyers owners etc together under one roof, is now riding high on innovative marketing strategies to rise above the clutter.

One such marketing strategy was the portal’s association with the recently released film Katti Batti starring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut. CommonFloor was integrated in the script of the film, wherein the protagonists choose their dream house with the help of the portal.

Speaking to, co-founder Vikas Malpani said, “It’s a wonderful link up to the film, which appeals to mass audience. Basically what we have been doing is experimenting with all possible new age media, which connects to young brands. We were the first ones to tie up with The Viral Fever and one of their series Permanent Roommates, which was quite a global success.”

According to Malpani, movie integration and activation helps connect with audience on ground as well as reinforce the brand.With the ever increasing completion between existing and emerging real estate portals from to, it is always a daunting task to manage to get the required hits and enhance interaction.

“At the end of the day, a solid product and right perception really helps you to get the brand going. Moreover, in the online real estate space, replicating or competing with existing formats is not easy as a larger vision and skill set is required to take competition heads on,” asserts Malpani.

Malpani is of the opinion that the brand’s differentiating factor are based on the product, the level of interaction as well as consumer’s experience with the brand.As far as marketing strategy goes, CommonFloor has a radical and a rather confidant approach to it. Having a product worthy enough to keep themselves ahead is their marketing mantra.

Not in the least bit daunted by the competition in the space, Malpani says, “We believe that we have the entire ecosystem upfront and there are no competitors who have the strategy or vision for future of real estate in country like we do. So in that sense, we are not worried about our competitors. What we are trying to do in our marketing strategy is to connect with our audience, who can understand and make decisions. We at CommonFloor are there to empower them with information so that they can make their decision.”

Throwing light on the company’s growth, he says, “As of now 10 per cent of residential viewers take to the online medium for the real estate space. We believe that in next five years that number will touch 50 per cent, which is 50 per cent of close to about the $180 billion online real estate market. So there is a golden opportunity and we are on the right track.”For the promotions and activation around Katti Batti, while the brand name was integrated in the movie, online activation in the form of contests was also carried out wherein string association could be established.

“Our social media is more about putting out the right information, keeping the audience engaged to our pages and put out relevant real estate trend information, which can be consumed over social media. We also interact with people on Facebook and Twitter, who are looking for a house and connect them with relevant options,” informs Malpani.

While earmarks about 70 – 80 per cent of its marketing spends on television and print, the rest is dedicated to social media activation. As online real estate companies are briskly climbing stairs two steps at a time, the next phase of growth in the space as well as players’ strategy for maximum brand reach will be interesting to watch out for.

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“We want to be the best in property visualisation because real estate, essentially, is a visual experience” says Lalit Mangal in an exclusive with Business World

“We want to be the best in property visualisation because real estate, essentially, is a visual experience,” says Lalit Mangal,while showing a ‘Live-In Tour’ of an apartment on his mobile.

A 360 degree tour of the property, right from the entrance, ’Live-In Tour’ is just one of the innovative features CommonFloor has put into place to stand out from the pack, but Mangal and the team at CommonFloor realise that in an attractive space with a lot of competition, there is the need for constant, as well as fast paced innovation.

“I think that there is nothing today that is non-replicable, apart from your culture and some of your key people. Whatever innovation we bring to the market, at most it’s going to take someone six months to replicate. So we have to be on our toes to come up with the next big innovation. That is our approach and we are already working on things that might be super relevant two years later,
In Mangal’s view competition is inevitable but the company’s ambition is to become the obvious choice for users. “It’s clear. We have to come up with an unending pipeline of ideas,” he says.

One of the things CommonFloor is working in a big way on is artificial intelligence to help recreate, simplify and enhance the experience of physically going and scouting for properties. Mangal explains that finding property is an extremely difficult task and people have varied concerns, but it is often very difficult for an individual to grasp the complexity and different attributes of the real estate space simply because there is an overwhelming amount of information.

“To simplify this, by moving forward with our research on artificial intelligence we could potentially have a computer understand and make sense of all the news and updates about real estate and also understand the end user and give him relevant advice,” he quips.

“The day is not far where you should be able to talk to and say that you are looking for a spacious three BHK in South Delhi and your budget is Rs.60 lakh. So CommonFloor will find that 3 BHK, show it to me (the user) on my screen and I can talk to it,” Mangal optimistically claims.

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Need A break From Work? Maybe a Game of Foosball would Help!

Ever thought of thinking outside the cubicle? Try this for a change – If you ever get tired of answering emails, are not able to formulate a new strategy for a project or are just not able to think something different, then get out of the cubicle space and step on the play space. We at CommonFloor believe that all sorts of creative new connections are made when one is playing. A game of Foosball, carrom, dart board helps the employees to recharge whenever they feel that the batteries are down.


The ‘CommonFloor Sports Challenge’ as we call it, kick started with the first ever challenge of carrom. Every month a challenge of a different sport is kept open for the employees ranging from indoor to outdoor. The recently held ‘Football Challenge’ saw 12 teams with employees from various functions coming together and fighting it out for the title. Such team activities are wonderful ways for employees to take their professional relationships to new levels, and discover new ways of working together.


So what has sport/game got to do with the world of work? Quite a bit actually.

These numerous sporting events turn into plusses for teamwork and motivation, boost creativity and productivity in people of all ages and also contribute to the development of the organization’s values/culture. And make no mistake, it engenders a more light-hearted atmosphere.

It is important to remember that our most important assets are our employees! We want our employees to enjoy their work environment, and to bring the best of themselves to their jobs every day. Encouraging our employees to participate in sport activities reaps substantial benefits of higher morale and team spirit! – says Tony, senior HR manager at CommonFloor.


Even discussing about sports during leisure time at work fulfils a host of functions. Employees can bond with each other over a chat on the football game they had or about the all-important Wimbledon match. CommonFloor has a huge fan following of cricket and if it’s about the cricket World Cup, the craziness soars up to a new level.

When CommonFloor decided to host a special screening at the office of the high intense semi-final match, the event saw the thrilled employees come together even those who ordinarily profess no interest in cricket. Occasions like these not only provide an environment for social inclusion, but also breaks down hierarchical boundaries one may have in a department.


Think about this – When we play a game, we have a sense of urgency, the urge to go to the next level, the intense concentration and deep focus on tackling a problem. What if we take all those feelings from the game and apply them at our everyday work in the office? You bet every day is going to be an exciting day.

CommonFloor Groups launches ‘Smart Guard’ app to make gated communities extra secure!

CommonFloor Groups, a strategic business unit of, has recently launched a solution to the pertinent problem of keeping a gated community secure from unwarranted visitors entering the premises. The solution, named ‘CommonFloor Smart Guard’ is a mobile app that can be installed on any basic Android smartphone or tablet which will enable communities to turn their security guards into ‘Smart Guards’ and start recording visitor information digitally.

With increasing cases of thefts, kidnapping and other unforeseen security breaches which are witnessed even in gated communities, the age-old method of registering visitor information in the paper registers is obsolete. CommonFloor Groups set out to make communities secure through this simple mobile app that a security guards can use with ease. Using CommonFloor Smart Guard App, communities can let the security guards record the movement of visitors (Staff/ Guests/ Vendors) in the mobile app, send automatic SMS alerts to residents on guest arrival to ensure authorized entry. The apartment association gets regular automated reports listing the number of visitors and this helps in keeping a systematic record and good security measures at the community.

Commenting on the launch, Vikas Malpani, Co-Founder & Head – CommonFloor Groups, said, CommonFloor Smart Guard is a simple yet a technologically efficient solution to address the increasing challenge of security in a gated community. Our focus has always been on making communities smarter – one where residents can enjoy a hassle free and secure living and we strive to provide them the technological automation resolving their daily management hassles. This app is an extension to our Smart Community product portfolio that has automated solutions for managing communication, complaints, assets to automated invoice generation and accounting.”

He further added “We are also working with a few partners to integrate Aadhaar based verification in to the app so that they can do instant verification of staff identity.”

Check the app demo here

Screenshots / User Interface




Key features:

Using the app, one can record up to 15 data points about a visitor including photo, classify them as Staff, Guests and Vendors and record their entry/exit times. The app also works in offline mode, which means no internet connection is required throughout the day.   For the communities using CommonFloor Groups’ premium offerings, the app offers advanced features like Self-Check-In mode, Smart Authorization, Multi-gate Support and Phone support. The app can also be integrated with a biometric system to ensure seamless integration between various security systems a community may have.

CommonFloor Smart Guard app is free to download from Google Play Store and can be used for free by any community in India that is already registered on CommonFloor. Any new community can also avail the free app and register themselves through the app. Know more about CommonFloor Smart Guard here

About CommonFloor Groups

CommonFloor Groups, a strategic business unit of, is a leading online apartment management solution provider in India. The platform offers smarter solutions to cater to various needs related to living in a housing society, through a range of technology product & services over web and mobile app.

It provides a robust, cloud based online platform to residents & apartment associations to connect, communicate & collaborate with each other and transform their residential complex into a ‘Smarter Community’. The array of services enables apartment associations/ managing committees to perform various tasks smartly, ranging from collecting apartment maintenance online, managing resident complaints & communication, automated solutions for accounting, Inventory, asset, parking & staff management to name a few. It also offers a private social network for residents to connect, communicate and collaborate with each other online. CommonFloor Groups currently has more than 1 Million residents connected and hosts more than 1 lakh Groups on the platform.

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