Sumit Jain, Co-Founder and CEO, featured in Fortune 40 under 40 list

sumitFortune India, the business magazine for the elite named Sumit Jain, Co Founder and CEO at in the list of 40 under 40 that captures leaders making waves in Indian business. This is a testimony to his leadership that has led to become “India’s third-largest property search portal.”

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Looks Matter!

Images not only increase the visibility of your property during searches but also increases your chances to getting a genuine seeker for your property. We have added a new tool, Property Image Uploader, that you should use to easily upload images of your property.

To upload images of your property, just drag them from your desktop to the upload space on the Property Image Uploader. Alternatively, you can click the image icon to open the file explorer and select multiple images to upload them. You can track the upload status and if upload is taking a lot of time because you are on a slower connection, you can cancel the upload. After you have uploaded the images, you must tag them. The maximum size of an image that can be uploaded is 8Mb.

Tagging is a process by which you tell us what the image is all about. It lets us and the property seekers know if the image is of a bedroom, a bathroom, a hall or a kitchen. Tagging images is a crucial step for ensuring that seekers get the correct information regarding your property. The tagging process we have created is very interactive and intuitive.

Image 1 (1)

Once your images are uploaded, click any one of them. A list of tags appear. Click the tag that best describes your image. If you do not find a suitable tag, you can search for tags at the bottom of the list in the search bar. We have an exhaustive set of image tags to ensure that majority of the images are appropriately tagged.

Image 2

You can also tag bathrooms, balconies and dressing rooms and associate them to a particular bedroom. This way, you can associate an image to another and ensure that seekers can relate them together.

You can also select the main image for your property listing. This image appears whenever your listing appears on search results. To mark an image as main image, click the star that appears on top left of the image. The tag of the image changes and the image becomes the face of your listing!

Remember, the more images you upload the more the chances you have to appear above your competitor’s listings. Tagging the images increases your chances manyfolds.

Where Is Your Property Located?

On our redesigned listing page, you can use Google Maps to locate your property and then provide its address. Our integration with Google Maps is such that locating and identifying your property is now a child’s play. We ask you to provide either the name of the project your property is part of, the locality where your property is situated, or the address of your property. Once you have provided the details, the map automatically  zooms down to the closest point near your property.

This is how we do it.

1) If we already have the project details for your property, we pre populate the locality and address and take you to the exact location of your property on the map. In most cases, the location is precise enough for you to just mark it as correct and go ahead.

2) If we do not have the project details, you must select the locality and give the complete address of your property. The map zooms down to a point closest to the address or to the locality you have specified. You can fine tune the location, thereby ensuring that the seekers get to see the exact location of your property.

3) If we cannot locate either the locality or the address, then we try to locate the property based on other details provided. However, if we are unable to locate your property even then, you can zoom down on the map and show the correct location of the property.

You can interact with the map and ensure that the location pin is pointing exactly where your property is. Before changing the location of your property, we ask for your confirmation. This is to ensure that you have not changed the location by mistake.

Map - Property Location

As you move the pin on the map, we show the address the pin is pointing to at the bottom of the map. This helps you to navigate to the correct location easily. If you feel that the address shown on the map is more precise, you can copy it to your address field.

Author: Mohit Chitlangia, Product Manager, CommonFloor

Property Owners, We Just Transformed You…

For property owners, the ordeal does not end after they buy a property. Another one begins as soon as they decide to either re-sell it or rent it out. We, at CommonFloor, have realized this pain of property owners early on. After all, we are the preferred destination for property owners and have maximum number of owner listings compared to our competitors ;). So, we have come up with a solution that will help property owners to quickly list their properties on our platform and meet potential property seekers (buyers or tenants) quickly.

In our latest release, we have redesigned the entire owner experience of listing a property. The redesign will make the listing process quick, efficient, and easy. As a property owner, you just have to follow a simple four-step process and provide property details that we request. Your listing will be live on within a couple of hours.

Here are the four steps.

1) Login and Basic Information: The first step is to identify yourself so that seekers know whom to contact. You can either create an account for yourself in CommonFloor or user your existing Facebook, Google, or Yahoo logins to identify yourself. Make sure you verify your mobile phone number. This is to ensure you have entered your mobile phone number correctly and the seekers can speak with you. Once you are logged in, you may need to provide certain additional details about your property such as city, type of property, and for sale or for rent. These details help us to guide you through the next steps.

Login and Basic Information2) Locality: Property seekers generally search for a property in and around a particular locality. To be able to display your property to relevant property seekers, we need to know where your property is exactly located. Therefore, we ask you to provide the complete locality details of your property. This includes the complete address, locality name, project name (if any), and geo code of your property. Geo code is important because most property seekers use Google Maps to locate a property. To read more about adding geocode of your property, click here.

3) Property Images: The most frequently requested details about a property are its images. Before looking at other features of a property, property seekers want to know how it looks. They want to know how the hall, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and other facilities available look like as of today. Therefore, we have made our search algorithm in such way that it shows up the listings with images more often than the listings without images. To read more about adding images for your property, click here.

4) Property Details: We ask you to provide property details such as how many bedroom, bathroom and balconies your property has, the size of your property, price (either rent/deposit or sale price) and other terms and conditions if any. The information we ask is based on our research on seekers to identify what exactly they are looking when they are either buying a property or looking to rent a property.

Property Details

Apart from the basic details that you provided above, we allow you to enter additional details that helps your listing stand out and attract exactly the kind of seeker that you want for your property. From the owner dashboard, you can edit the listings you have posted and provide additional details such as if the property is furnished, what direction it is facing, does it have parking space and other amenities within the property, and so on.

Author: Anchal Arora, Project Associate, CommonFloor

The Transformed CommonFloor Agent Console


Today, we are excited to introduce you to our new Agent Console! With intuitive workflows, aesthetic new design, and a host of new features, this is our biggest update of the Agent Console yet.

Rework on the Agent Console was long time pending. It had not kept pace with the changes we had made to the platform. So, while working on our new customer offerings, we decided to rebuild the console from scratch, with the goal to make it better, faster, and most importantly, ready for the future.

List Properties for Free, Pay Only for Leads You Use

Going forward, all property listings on our website will be free. You can post as many properties on our website as you want, without paying us a single rupee. You only pay when you get VALUE from us; you pay only for the leads that we provide.

How it Works?

If you have not already, create an agent account on CommonFloor and purchase some credits from us. Then, list your properties on our website. Only when people contact you through your listing on our website, we deduct credits from your account.

You can also search our database for people looking for properties similar to what you have to offer. Alternatively, you can create custom lead subscriptions and we will send you, at regular intervals, details of seekers who meet your parameters. In either case, we deduct credits from your account only when you view the contact details of a seeker.

The New Agent Console

The Agent Console has been revamped to support our new offering and give you full control over your listings and leads.

1.0 Dashboard

Intuitive Interface, Responsive Design, Account Dashboard

We have built the Agent Console from scratch. It is now responsive and will look equally stunning on your iPad as it does on your laptop.

We have also added a Dashboard that gives you a consolidated view of your account. You can view the leads that you have consumed for your promoted projects, listings, and lead subscriptions. You can see how many views and responses your listings have received. You can also see your credit consumption history for the last 15 days and your credit consumption rate.

Transparency in Lead Pricing

Lead prices are variable and depend on the budget of the property. So, if the sale price of your property is less, you pay less for each lead. Throughout our platform, we have ensured full transparency about lead pricing. The moment you create a listing, we tell you how much each lead for it would cost. Similarly, before you view the contact details of a property seeker from our database, we tell you how many credits would be deducted from your account for each lead.

We take utmost care to verify a lead before sharing contact details with you. However, in case one of the leads turns out to be a property agent, we will refund the credit to you.

2.0 Listings

Pause and Unpause Listings

The Agent Console gives you a consolidated view of all your listings – properties that you have listed for sale as well as those that you have posted for rent. You can pause or unpause a listing anytime. A listing in paused state will not be visible to property seekers on CommonFloor. Your listings will age naturally and expire after specified duration. However, if your property is still available, you can repost it free of cost.

Lead Management and Reports

You have complete control over the number of leads that you receive either through your listings or through your subscriptions. For each listing or subscription, you can specify the maximum number of leads you would like to receive.

As and when you interact with a lead, you can update its status and add remarks on the Agent Console itself. This helps you follow up with your leads at the right time and improve your sales.

We have also added detailed reports that help you understand and analyze your performance on CommonFloor. The Credit Summary report tells you how many leads and credits you have consumed for your listings and subscriptions. The Lead Report gives you details of the various leads you have received. The Refund Status report gives you the status of the refund requests that you had raised and the credit refunded to you for each request.

3.0 Team.fw


Team Management

Through our Agent Console, you can set up a team to manage your work. To each team member, you can assign credits that they can utilize for consuming leads. You can even monitor each team member’s performance and increase or decrease their credit limits, as required.

So What’s Next?

We are constantly working on improving the Agent Console. Stay tuned! For any assistance on the Agent Console, refer to the frequently asked questions. For further assistance, send us your query through the feedback section on the Agent Console itself.

Author - Sougata Sarkar, Sr. Product Manager, CommonFloor

CommonFloor hosts its flagship event -’The Boardroom Discussion’

Bengaluru, March 4, 2015:, India’s leading online real estate platform, recently hosted its flagship event, The Boardroom Discussion, shedding light on two key topics – ‘Union Budget 2015-16: An In-depth Analysis’ and ‘Smart Cities – The Way Forward’.  

The event, held at their corporate office in Bengaluru was a grand success with active participation by stalwarts from real estate, research and consulting institutes. The event reached a high with each panellist bringing thought-provoking ideas to the table.

Spearheading the discussion, Sumit Jain, CEO and Co-Founder, highlighted the need of incentives for affordable housing and the way forward for creating smart cities. “While the smart city concept in itself is a novel thought, but the real challenge lies in its implementation. To start with, the budget failed to address this key topic and how the government intends to push forward its vision for 100 smart cities.”

Commenting further on the Union Budget 2015-16, he added, “Overall, the Budget was a balanced one with more of long-term vision and undertone. It restores confidence on the India growth story and more importantly within India Inc. But, as far as real estate is concerned, it was a mixed bag. On the positive side, it aims to build a strong foundation for housing growth across the country. While on the negative side, the long-pending Industry Status demand has been quashed again. Moreover, the government also failed to roll-out key initiatives or measures that would help bring back consumers into the market.”

Following this, eminent speakers displayed positive outlook on the ‘overall budget’ which in a way is more “pro-investment rather than expenditure oriented.” However, from the real estate perspective, they felt that the budget didn’t meet their expectations as it failed to dwell on the low hanging fruits which were of paramount importance in bringing back consumers in to the market. Some of these common issues included ‘Industry Status,’ incentives to boost Affordable Housing, relaxation in taxes, land reforms, amongst others.

Further, elaborating on one of the positive impact of the Union Budget for the Realty sector, Praveen Kumar, COO – Commercial & Retail, BREN Corporation stated, “Rental income passing through REITs was a silver lining which will primarily benefit commercial players. Unlike earlier, there was at least some clarity given by the government towards REITs. ”

But later he opined that “the Budget was a complete let down for the realty sector which has already been reeling under tremendous pressure over the last one year. Expectations were very high with the sector hoping for some drastic initiatives by the government.”

Elaborating on the idea of smart cities and how different it will be from that of existing cities in the country, Nirup Jayanth of Jurong Consultants (India) Pvt. Ltd. said, “The first stage is enablement, wherein the city needs to understand the several problems it faces through the use of technology such as censors and measuring devices, etc. to gather requisite information. In this, tech giants such as CISCO, Siemens, etc will have a major role to play.

Second stage involves understanding and analysing the gathered information followed by the third stage which involves responding to the information by using technology and thus becoming smart.”

Taking a different stance on the topic, Sanjay Ramanujam, CEO, BCIL said, “Step one is to evolve a set of matrix that can be used because leaving it subjective will increase the fuzziness. Further, there is a dire need to evolve a minimum set of definitions in various areas such as energy, water and waste as the idea of smart is to efficiently manage public resources using information technology.”

Deliberating on the major roadblocks for the smart city project, representatives of IIHS opined that, “in the context of Smart Cities, the process of creating Master Plan, which is of utmost importance, is yet to be clarified.”

Taking it further, Irshad Ahmed, President, Irshad Property Matters, said, “the whole concept of Smart Cities is a novel and well-intended move by the government. However, it requires equal involvement of all key stakeholders in the sector at large.”

Emphasizing on the much talked-about topic of Affordable Housing, P.K Mishra, VP-Procurement, Salarpuria Sattva Group said, “Just building homes would not suffice, there has to be adequate supporting infrastructure for holistic growth. And the government needs to address basic issues such as water, roads, power etc.”


Launched in 2007 by Sumit Jain, Lalit Mangal and Vikas Malpani,, is India’s leading real estate platform that combines property search, apartment management and vendor management and caters to a person’s complete residential requirements.

From searching for an apartment to facilitating interactions within an apartment community on the ‘CommonFloor’ platform, to connecting one to relevant service providers, the platform is dedicated to meeting all aspects of consumers’ needs around their home. With over 5 lakh active property listings from over 200 cities, it has over 1 lakh residential projects listed with it. has been funded by Accel Partners, Tiger Global and Google Capital.

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Cricket,bringing the nation to a Commonfloor

Don’t we all agree that In India, cricket isn’t just a game, it’s a religion? Right? A religion where cricketers are Gods and every victory is a festival. What remains evident is the love for the game, the madness to see an India v/s Pakistan game, the celebrations across cultures, breaking barriers of caste, creed and staying true to just one thing – Cricket.

In our attempt to capture the cricket fever across the country, we at Commonfloor have come up with this first street cricket film that truly captures the mood and the energy of the game.

The match is played with an imaginary ball. Quite intriguing right?

The excitement that the game generates and the energy around the match is so intense that we forget that there was actually no ball used. The magic of cricket cuts across boundaries of culture, language, religion, age, social strata is beautifully captured in the video and a treat to watch.

It’s not just a sport for us, it’s nothing less than a national obsession. With an imaginary ball and no bat to play, this video is about the spirit of cricket, which exists in every nook and corner of India bringing everybody to a Commonfloor while it unites our country like nothing else does.

The intention is to not just celebrate the spirit of cricket but also to draw a parallel to CommonFloor which brings sellers and buyers to a common platform to help them find their dream home.

CommonFloor Introduces Virtual Reality for consumers in Real Estate – CommonFloor Retina

Bangalore, February 24, 2015:, India’s leading online real estate platform introduces CommonFloor Retina, world’s first virtual reality innovation in real estate that is available to the masses. This technological breakthrough offers ‘real’ property experience for the seekers allowing them to view/review/assess multiple properties from anywhere at any point of time.

Commenting on the launch of the biggest technological innovations witnessed by the real estate world, Sumit Jain, Co-founder & CEO,, said, “As a new-age online realty player, technology and innovation are part of our core DNA. Property buying demands huge time and financial investment by the buyer and it is our constant endeavour to create tools and technology that makes property search easy for the consumer and gives them a wow experience. CommonFloor Retina is a result of one such quest that adapts technology smartly to the consumer’s advantage.”

How does CommonFloor Retina work?

- Install the CommonFloor Retina application on your android phone.
- Launch the App and insert the phone inside CF Retina headgear.
- Experience the property through virtual reality.
- Please visit and watch the video below for more information.

Lalit Mangal, Co-founder and CTO, said, “We believe in making strategic investments in building cutting edge technology. This product is pegged to be a game changer in the real estate industry in India and globally. We will work closely with the builder community to scale-up the number of projects listed, thereby helping property buyers to choose from as many projects that may want to visit.”

JC Sharma, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Sobha Limited, “CommonFloor has been instrumental in transforming the way we view properties. Their latest introduction, CommonFloor Retina is indeed commendable. This state-of-the-art technology product will enable our customers to take a virtual tour of the property they wish to see in the comfort of their home. It allows them to experience both the interiors and exteriors of the property in an interesting manner and saves a lot of time, especially if one need to choose between several properties.”

To use CommonFloor Retina, a user simply needs to sport the headgear to experience virtual tour of the property of his/her choice. This offers buyers an unforgettable experience and insights about the property from the perspective of space and ambience among other features. The simple magnet on the headgear acts as a navigation tool. The App also saves the builders the cost and space to construct a model apartment. “It is an interesting product that can help a home buyer visualize the building and apartment under consideration in greater depth. It should be useful to customers who cannot be physically present at the property location before buying, and also to people who have already purchased a property and want to share it with their family & friends,” said Vyoma Pandit, Senior DGM, Marketing, Brigade Group.

Tech Specifications: The app works on the Android platform with the following phones
- Nexus 4 and above
- MotoG 2nd Gen
- Samsung Galaxy 4 and above
- MotoX
- Mi3 has the largest number of property listings with more than 1 lakh residential projects listed on their platform from over 200 cities. The platform has already mapped 10M homes and is committed to map every property in India on its platform. The Company has a team of 1000+ employees and their constant endeavour is to get the best talent to work with them.


Launched in 2007 by Sumit Jain, Lalit Mangal and Vikas Malpani,, is India’s leading real estate platform that combines property search, apartment management and vendor management and caters to a person’s complete residential requirements.

From searching for an apartment to facilitating interactions within an apartment community on the ‘CommonFloor’ platform, to connecting one to relevant service providers, the platform is dedicated to meeting all aspects of consumers’ needs around their home. With over 5 lakh active property listings from over 200 cities, it has over 1 lakh residential projects listed with it. has been funded by Accel Partners, Tiger Global and Google Capital.

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