10 things from the Union Budget 2014 that could impact property investment!

10 things from the #UnionBudget2014 that could impact property investment

Is Mumbai following suit with Newyork, Singapore & Hongkong on popularity of 1BHKs?




1) The highest number of 1BHK’s are in Mumbai compared to the other metros.
2) Our latest stats reveal that 35% of new projects (in terms of units) in Mumbai are 1BHKs.
3) Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore have more 2BHK’s than their metro counterparts.
4) Kolkata and Bangalore house higher number of 3BHK’s than Mumbai.
5) The overall demand in all these metros in highest for 2 and 3BHK properties.

CommonFloor.com launches E-model feature

Keeping in view the need of property seekers to have a feel of a property before construction, CommonFloor.com offers its users E-model feature.  CommonFloor.com is the first online real estate portal to come up with this feature. With the e-model feature on the CommonFloor.com website viewers can have a 360 view of a property room wise from wall to wall and from ceiling to floor.

All seekers have to do is click on the camera icon displayed on the floor plan view at the side of the screen and rotate it for a 360 degree view. Property seekers can get a good and feel in terms of space, lighting and ambiance.

Emodel 1

The e-model feature is currently available for over 250 projects across 7 cities (Metros and Mini metros).

The app version of the feature was launched on July 4, 2014. Currently available for android mobile phones, the app shall soon be launched for IoS and Symbian devices as well.

To try out the e-model feature click on:  http://blog.commonfloor.com/vtour/indraprastha_ruhe/3bhk/tour.html

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How far has Bangalore expanded in five years?

infographic-for-Expansion-of-2 (1)



1) Areas under North Bangalore such as Hebbal , Yelahanka are gaining more prominence over the recent years.
2) Clearly the boundaries are shifting in all the zones of Bangalore.
- East  -  Boundaries have shifted from Marathahali to Whitefield ,Sarjapur Road.
- West –  Boundaries have shifted from RajajiNagar to Yeshwantpur ,Tumkur Road.
- South – Boundaries have shifted from JPNagar, BTM Layout to Kanakpura, ElectronicCity and Bannerghatta road.
3) Areas around East Bangalore such as Marathalli, Old Airport Road,Kagadaspura,CV RamanNagar are loosing sheen to Sarjapur Road and KR Puram.
4) Areas around South Bangalore such as RajarajeshwariNagar , Kanakpura road and Electronic City are considered emerging investment areas.

What amenities do you get for your budget in Bangalore?




Every established builder promises these four basic amenities such as garden, play area , electricity backup & security services. Additionally based on your budget you can avail the below amenities in the projects.

1) With a budget of Rs.20L – 60L in Bangalore, your project is most likely to have the garden and likely to have the gymnasium.

2) With a budget of Rs.60L- 120L in Bangalore , your project is most likely to have a garden, a club house and a gymnasium and likely to have a swimming pool,wifi and playcourts.

3) With a budget of more than Rs.120L in Bangalore, your project will have all advanced amenities such as a club house,the swimming pool , the gymnasium , the garden and the wifi facility.


CommonFloor.com Launches “Verified Listings” Feature


With a view to taking the property search experience a notch higher we at CommonFloor.com offer our users ‘Verified listings’.


Properties listed under the verified tag have been visited by our representatives in person to ensure accuracy and completeness of listing information you see.

The moment a property listing is received, the CommonFloor.com team gets in the touch with the specified contact for the property. Based on the person’s availability for showing the property a person from our verification team visits the property to verify listed details.

We assure our users of accuracy of details pertaining to but not limited to property name, property type, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, direction facing, flooring type, parking availability, servant quarter, number of floors, proximity to important facilities, availability to bachelors, and rules relating to pets.

We also guarantee the authenticity of contact details for properties we verify. This includes the contact type (broker, owner or owner representative), mobile number and email id of the point of contact.

While we do offer our users authenticity on a host of parameters we do not verify property documents and related. We also don’t look into fluctuations in property price and rent based on market conditions.

Despite having initiated the process a few weeks back, we have been able to verify thousands of properties and strive to verify nearly all properties for the benefit of our users in a matter of a few months.


CommonFloor.com features on TVF’s Chai Sutta Chronicles

At the behest of to-be wife – Ipsa, Gaurav finds a home with the help of CommonFloor.com. He then asks Chai Sutta buddies and flat-mates, Raghav and Siddharth to make separate living arrangements. With much resentment and many hard feelings Raghav and Siddharth head out to find a house better than that of Gaurav. Just when their house hunting struggle seems to end with an apartment the two find, things heat up once again with a debate on who gets to keep the master bed room.

Catch some hilarious, rib tickling claims that the two make to land themselves the master bedroom.

Click the image to watch the video

Click the image to watch the video

What are the affordable BHK prices across cities?

infographic-for-propety-2 (2)



1) It’s not possible to buy  a 1BHK in Andheri – Mumbai with a budget of 40 Lakhs.

2) On an average you can buy a 2BHK in the budget range 40L – 80L in Whitefield, Noida, Gurgaon, Kelambakkam and Gachibowli.

3) The price of an average 2BHK in Mumbai would cost more than Rs.1.6Cr while you can buy a 4BHK in Whitefield, Noida , Gurgaon, Kelambakkam and Gachibowli.


CommonFloor.com introduces a new feature for you – Market Trends

market trends infographic

Try the feature now and tell us what you think > http://bit.ly/1uCztVZ
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What’s the obsession with the first three floors of an apartment?


While buying an apartment, the one choice you may need to look for is which floor is best for you. Apartment buyers who want to live on a high floor may limit their apartment search to high-rise buildings while the others who don’t care much about the choice of floor just wish to avoid renting a ground-floor apartment out of security fears.

Bottom Floor

Living on the first floor, despite all potential downsides, is crucial to many people for the following reason: Cheap electricity. You can expect to have the cheapest light bill when you live at ground level, particularly in the summer. During the winter, however, your rates may spike, especially if the apartment isn’t well insulated. On a day when the weather is relatively cooler, you can save even more money by leaving the windows open when you’re home and just letting the breeze flow through.

Top Floor

Being at the top has its perks, too. Unfortunately, cheaper electricity isn’t one of them. Even on a cool breezy day like the one I mentioned above, opening your windows might not do much good when you’re living closer to the clouds. The reason, of course, is that heat rises. This means your AC will have to work harder to keep you cool. However, this same principle will benefit you in the colder months as the heat from below will rise into your apartment, essentially forcing the folks below you to share the wealth.


Depending on where you live, there are typically more warm months than there are cool ones. This should be something to consider when deciding which floor you’ll live on, as the price differences can be drastic.

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