10 Real Houses Inspired by Cartoons



When we think about watching TV in our childhood days, images of some of the most popular cartoons come to our minds. From the Jungle book where the protagonist Mowgli lives with his animal friends in the forest to Tom and Jerry who are chasing each other around the house, cartoons gave us some of the happiest moments of our childhood. And as children most of us believed and fervently wished for visiting and living in the homes of our favourite cartoons. A wish, often brushed aside by the adults around us back then.

But wait! What if we got inspired by all those cartoons and created something in real life? Well we actually have a few people who got so inspired by cartoons television and built houses just like them. We are as surprised as you are! Here are 10 real houses around the world which are inspired by cartoons.

The Flintstones House


This stone house looks amazingly similar to The Flintstones’. In spite of its unusual look, given by the huge spherical boulder on the uphill side and scoop-shaped end, it is like most contemporary homes on the inside. It has a front door, some windows, a roof. This house is located in Nas Montanhas de Fafe in Portugal.

Hobbit’s House


This amazing Hobbit House was built by Simon Dale, who in spite of not being an architect or even a construction worker, could build this together with his father-in-law and the help of passers-by. It took them just 4 months to have it finished and it cost around 3,000 pounds.

Star Wars-inspired House


This original house was first built in 1970 by Claude King and his folks that took inspiration from Neil Armstrong (who had just landed on the moon). The flying saucer shaped white home is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The house looks like it was taken right from a Star Wars movie, however the film was released almost 7 years after the house was constructed.

The Simpsons House


This house located in Henderson, Nevada which is worth $120,000 house was constructed for use as the grand prize in a contest sponsored by top brands. The contest was known as “The Simpsons House Give Away”.

Barbie’s House


This modern house was created by interior decorator Jonathan Adler on the eve of Barbie’s 50th birthday. In March 2009, he decked out a real-life 3,500-sq ft pad overlooking the Pacific Ocean to look like the famous doll’s outrageous home. The Barbie’s Real-Life Malibu Dream House is in Malibu, California

Minnie Mouse’s House


This pink and lavender house not only looks cute on the outside but it is full equipped on the inside. It includes items such as an answering machine (where you can listen to messages from Mickey and Goofy), an oven through which you can watch a cake baking, and a microwave that even pops popcorn! It can be seen at the Mickey’s Toontown Fair, in Orlando, Florida and also in Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland Anaheim, California.

Hello Kitty’s House


This pink painted house was 100% inspired by the most famous cat in history. The Hello Kitty villa is located in Taipei, Taiwan.

Heidi’s House


Not only this lovely house looks just like Heidi’s grandfather’s but doesn’t the landscape look very similar as well?

Batman’s House


This mysterious unusual looking house looks like Gotham City’s most famous mansion. And that red flash makes me wonder if the Bat mobile has just passed by.

Snoopy’s House


This giant version of Snoopy’s house is used as an information kiosk for a baseball field complex, part of the Charles M. Schulz Museum, in Santa Rosa, California.


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CommonFloor.com launches CommonFloor Groups


Bangalore, April 11, 2014: CommonFloor.com, India’s leading real estate portal today announced the launch of the new version of its Apartment Management offering – CommonFloor Groups. Replacing the earlier version (CommonFloor Apartment Communities) – CommonFloor Groups will now provide apartment communities across the country with an even more efficient and user friendly portal dedicated to enabling better communication, management and coordination amongst residents, owners (residents or non-residential landlords) and RWAs (Resident Welfare Associations). Users will now access CommonFloor Groups through a new web page – www.groups.commonfloor.com. This launch will soon be followed by the launch of the mobile app of CommonFloor Groups. The mobile app aims at providing residents with an option to be in sync with activities taking place in their gated community even on the go. 

Currently over 1 lakh communities already deploy CommonFloor.com’s Apartment Management offering and would therefore be the first beneficiaries of the new version.

Features for owners (residential and non-residential)

Every user with a CommonFloor group account is provided a direct login. With this platform users can:

  1. Voice concerns and bring important issues to the attention of other residents and the RWA
  2. Track the status of an issue online anywhere anytime on the go
  3. Use the payment gateway for online payments like maintenance fees
  4. Access the repository of home service vendors like carpenters, architects, plumbers etc. for day to day home repairs and maintenance
  5. Buy, sell or rent belongings within the community.
  6. Find and reach out to neighbours with common interests
  7. Form Interest groups (photography, yoga, football etc.) 

Benefits for Resident Welfare Associations

With the offering providing functions similar to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) RWAs can use the platform for management of all aspects of the community. The system allows the administrators to

  1. Manage accounts
  2. Delegate activities
  3. Set reminders
  4. Send notices
  5. Monitor complaints
  6. Manage parking
  7. Keep track of vacant houses
  8. Collect dues and generate receipts
  9. Use the platform’s SMS and email services to circulate important messages among residents

Despite the vast amount of user information shared on this portal, CommonFloor.com ensures privacy of its users. Without user consent no data is passed to advertisers or vendors. With a shared inbox and data history, knowledge transfer from one committee to the next is extremely easy. CommonFloor Groups also has an updated, easy to understand help page for new users. Users can also access the CommonFloor Groups’ newly introduced blog for interesting and useful tips on smart community living.

Mobile App

With the objective of supporting residential communities 24 x 7 even when residents are on the go, CommonFloor.com will also launch a mobile app for CommonFloor Groups. The app will allow residents to use all resident features offered by CommonFloor Groups and will be available for download on Android, Apple and Windows mobile phones.

Mr. Vikas Malpani, Co-founder and Head – Communities, CommonFloor.com said, “We have been working with apartment communities for nearly 7 years now, and CommonFloor Groups is the result of the knowledge we have gathered over these years. Residents can expect a whole new and improved user experience. Apart from a more efficient product, this version also provides a new identity to the CommonFloor.com’s apartment management offering. We aim at opening new avenues of consumer engagement and brand connect with this launch. With over 1 lakh communities currently deploying our offering we are indeed one of the largest providers of Apartment management solution. With this launch we hope to make community management hassle free for many more. ”

About CommonFloor.com:

Launched in 2007 by Sumit Jain, Lalit Mangal and Vikas Malpani, CommonFloor.com, is an innovative online service that combines property search, apartment management and vendor management and caters to a person’s complete residential requirements.

From searching for an apartment to facilitating interactions within an apartment community on the ‘commonfloor’ platform, to connecting one to relevant service providers, the portal is dedicated to meeting all aspects of consumers’ needs around their home. With property listings from 120 cities, it has over 1 lakh projects listed with it. CommonFloor.com has been funded by Accel Partners and Tiger Global.

To know more about CommonFloor.com, please visit: http://www.commonfloor.com

 For editorial related queries, please contact:

Ankita Dubey


+91 9886556823

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CommonFloor Groups is Now Up!


What is CommonFloor Groups?
The very first step for a residential complex to transform into a community is for residents to come together on a common platform. CommonFloor Groups is one such platform that connects residents living in a residential complex. Once you are on this platform, our array of features transform your residential community into a well-managed one!

Earlier known as CommonFloor Apartment Management Software, CommonFloor Groups continues to be true to our motto of being innovative and making our features as simple to operate as possible. In a few simple words, we are very serious about our usage of the words ‘a comprehensive tool connecting residents and more’ and mean it in every sense of the term.

Why Should you use CommonFloor Groups?

  • Our tool helps you communicate with other community residents with the help of our various features.
  • Manage all your dues and track your payments.
  • Get access to Real Estate Classified Ads on the tool.
  • The managing committee gets an array of useful features for better administration.
  • The apartment management tool is literally available for Free!! (only pay for advanced features)
  • Your Data is safe with us. Guaranteed!

Upgrades We Recently Integrated
We have recently integrated a few fresh upgrades in our online apartment management application directed at making your experience truly unique and comfortable.

  • Easy to Navigate: We engineered our site with the intent of making it as easy to use and navigate through as practically possible.
  • Help Topics: Now on, you can check out how-to steps relating to operation of a given feature on our apartment management platform. Simply search out a relevant topic and follow steps mentioned to successfully complete a function.
  • CommonFloor Groups Blog: We believe information empowers. Hence we came up with a blog page that equips you with all you need on apartment management and smart community living.
  • Our First Book, Happy Community Living :)  This book, that covers all aspects of community living, was inspired by community Management Committees. With this guide book, we hope to make community living and management a much easy affair. Do check it out!
  • Mobile App: Having CommonFloor Groups as an application on your mobile device can help you connect with your community better, and convenient for you to use or pay your dues. This is exactly why we are currently designing and will be soon bringing out our CommonFloor Groups Mobile App.

We sincerely hope we are able to make community living an awesome experience for you!


Team CommonFloor Groups

6 Types Of Neighbours Who Are A Real Pain In The Neck!



Haven’t we all heard this saying that – “You can choose your friends, but not your family — or your neighbours“. In the past everyone knew their neighbours, but now considering our busy lifestyles this has taken a back seat. In today’s world, you might meet your neighbours when the kid next door accidentally hit a ball through your living room window, or an apron -clad housewife knocked on your door to borrow a cup of sugar. During these days of both working parents it is becoming increasingly common to buy a house and years later realize that you have never met your neighbours.

But then haven’t we all seen neighbours in our neighbourhood gossiping about us, getting too nosy and getting into our personal space? That’s when you want to actually give them a piece of your mind but then you also want to live in the locality so you make your peace with it and try to live happily. Here’s 6 different types of neighbours each of us would’ve encountered and would relate to in some point or another in life.

The Peeping Toms



Don’t we know that one person who is looking at us through their window? These people are the ones who seem to be interested in every nitty gritty of what we do in our house. They seem to receive an alert, the minute we step out of our houses. They keep track of everyone who comes to your house and also have updates on everything you do. They wouldn’t come and talk to you directly, but want to keep a tab on everything.

The Over friendly and Nosy Neighbours


These are typically the neighbours who will literally stay in your house and wouldn’t even mind helping you out with your daily chores. They don’t know where to draw the line and end up being over friendly. More often than not they cross the line. These neighbours want to know everything about you, your family, how much money you earn every month, where all do you make   investments and you’re spending patterns. They want to know it all without even once thinking that these are personal and you are not comfortable sharing them.

The Richie Riches


These are the typically the type of conversations that neighbours belonging to this category would more often than not speak. They seem to live life only in luxury and would compare anything you do to their actions trying to one up you in everything. For them their life is around money and anything others around them do would be mocked at by passing crass comments.

The Copy Cats – The Me Too Neighbours

copy-catsIf you are noticing a pattern of your neighbours having the same things you possess from quite some time now, then you can rule out the option of it being a sheer co incidence – it’s called copying. These are the type of neighbours who have no clue about what they want to buy and would just end up buying/doing the same set of things that you do, just to fit in. They would scan everything in your home if invited for coffee or for a chat and there you go a replica of it would be in theirs too.

The Constant Borrowers

borrowersIt’s a pleasant Sunday morning and you hear somebody knocking at your door. Surprise! The same neighbours who keep asking you for something or the other are here again asking you for a cup of sugar. These are the neighbours who make complete utilization of the word “HELP” and would constantly keep borrowing things from you. If you have these type of neighbours consider adding a separate list in your monthly groceries called “Neighbours list”!

The Problem Creators


If you can relate to these lines from your neighbours, then you are up for a treat! These neighbours are just too finicky about everything you do from moving a chair at your home to having a party at your home- every single thing of your action bothers them and are waiting to gun you down! They are the ones who are unhappy about everything about their neighbourhood and would constantly keep bickering.

Staying in a neighbourhood gives you the chance to meet different types of people and learning to deal with them. Knowing your neighbour definitely can’t solve a lot of problems, but then you at least know under what category they belong.
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CommonFloor.com launches “HomeRun”-Property Fair in Chennai

CommonFloor.com HomeRun promises to cater to every kind of property need,
1st edition in Chennai on 5th & 6th of April, 2014

Chennai; April 5th, 2014: After successfully establishing itself in the real estate sector for more than seven years, leading property portal CommonFloor.com announced the  launch of CommonFloor.com HomeRun. With Chennai as its first destination, CommonFloor.com HomeRun aims at reaching out to all property seekers with the objective of enhancing user experience, creating more avenues for consumer engagement and increasing brand connect. The property fair promises to cater to every kind of property need with the broad spectrum of choices its offers with respect to budget and property type.

Sumit inaugurating the CommonFloor.com HomeRun Property Fair at Chennai

Sumit inaugurating the CommonFloor.com HomeRun Property Fair at Chennai

Organized at Hall 2, Chennai Trade Centre, Off Porur Road this two-day residential property fair is open from 10am to 7pm over the weekend on 5th and 6th of April 2014. The event has the participation of 75 of the biggest names of the Chennai real estate market including Sobha, S and P Foundation, SSPDL among many others. It showcases properties from more than 200 residential projects ranging from Rs. 35 lakhs to 2 crores, across Chennai up for grabs. In terms of type of properties, the event offers a large variety of options like flats, villas, studio apartments, row houses, pent houses, duplexes etc.

Speaking about the event, Sumit Jain, CEO, Co-founder, CommonFloor.com said, “We are glad to launch CommonFloor.com HomeRun – our first property fair.  The real estate market here in Chennai is promising and we have a lot to offer to the residents of Chennai. CommonFloor.com has always been about catering to an individual’s complete residential needs-from finding a property, to living in it, to selling or renting it out. With this initiative we aim at enhancing end user experience by creating an ideal space for people who have done their home search online and would like to get more details from the builder in person.  The event will also provide us with avenues to engage our users more and build greater awareness for the CommonFloor.com brand. ”

Sumit lighting inaugural lamp at CommonFloor.com HomeRun Chennai

Sumit lighting inaugural lamp at CommonFloor.com HomeRun Chennai

CommonFloor.com’s strong network has ensured the participation of Chennai’s biggest realtors.  The highlight of the event thus is the wide range of property showcased in terms of type, locality and budget on account of strong participation by reputed developers of Chennai’s real estate industry.

First Stall at the fair was that of presenting sponsor -Sobha Developers

First Stall at the fair was that of presenting sponsor -Sobha Developers

For complete event details- exact location, stall layouts, entire list of participating builders etc. please visit


 About CommonFloor.com:

Launched in 2007 by Sumit Jain, Lalit Mangal and Vikas Malpani, CommonFloor.com, is an innovative online service that combines property search, apartment management and vendor management and caters to a person’s complete residential requirements.

From searching for an apartment to facilitating interactions within an apartment community on the ‘commonfloor’ platform, to connecting one to relevant service providers, the portal is dedicated to meeting all aspects of consumers’ needs around their home. CommonFloor.com has over 2.5 lakh property listings and over one lakh projects from 120 cities. The company has been funded by Accel Partners and Tiger Global.

To know more about CommonFloor.com, please visit: http://www.commonfloor.com

 For editorial related queries, please contact:

Ankita Dubey

+91 9886556823


CommonFloor.com to Launch its Property Fair – HomeRun

After successfully catering to the entire cycle of an individual’s residential needs (from purchase/renting to property management to renting out/sale) CommonFloor.com now offers end-users the property fair avenue as yet another option for search. Apart from being a reliable property search tool, the initiative will also be an ideal space for people who have done their home search online and would like to get more details from the builder in person.
Slated to be held at the Chennai Trade Center (Hall 2) over the weekend on April 5th and 6th, 2014 from 10 am to 7 pm, the fair will see the participation of over 75 of the biggest names of the Chennai Real Estate Industry. The event will showcase properties from 200 projects in price range of Rs 35 lakhs to Rs. 2 Crores.

With view to build awareness about the fair, newspaper advertisements have been placed in the Hindu, The Times of India, Dinakaran (Tamil version of the ad) and Dinamallar (Tamil Version of the ad)


Apart from this, the marketing team has put up bus shelter hoardings at of the busiest locations of Chennai.

A 35 by 25 feet outdoor hoarding has also been placed at OMR Navallur


Event awareness is also being build online through social media, Google display network, Electronic direct mailers among others.

For more event details like participants, stall size please visit the CommonFloor.com HomeRun Property Fair Microsite http://www.commonfloor.com/home-run-chennai/povp-j8xn48?ad-id=9742
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Colour Magic For Your Home & Body

You would be amazed about how the right colours on the walls of your home could have a great impact on your health. Given are a few tips on the healing quality of colours that you could use in your home.


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Simple and Effective Vastu Tips for a Blissful Home


Gone are the days when a home was considered just a shelter, today it’s considered to be a reflection of one’s personality and lifestyle. Agree with us? We demand variety, flavour and aesthetics in life and so does our house. So what do we do to cater to these needs? We bring life to our house by adding colour, design and aroma with the guidance of “Vastu” principles. Vastu, not only helps in bringing colour and interior sophistication to our homes but also brings a feel of positive vibrations for good health, wealth and success.

Quick Vastu Makeover Tips for your house

Living Room

Make sure your living room is always rectangular in shape. Aquariums should never be placed facing south direction in the living room. You can hang paintings of water falls and happy photographs of your family in the living room. The wall of your living room should always be painted in blue, green, yellow or white; avoid the usage of red or black. Lighting should always be bright and avoid chandeliers.

Dining Room

Always use light shades on the walls of your dining room. Select your dining table either in a square or rectangular shape. Lighting in your dining room should always bring in a soothing effect to your family members, so use candles or lamps and avoid bright lights.


Avoid placing your kitchen under or above the pooja room, toilet or bedroom as it brings depression to female members of your family. You should also avoid shelves above the gas stove in the kitchen and instead place it beside or below it. Always place the sink in the corner of the kitchen. Use steel or aluminium for cooking or storing grocery.It is advisable to avoid plastic and other metals. Your kitchen walls can be painted in shades of red, orange or chocolate brown.


Bring in a calm and soothing effect to your bedroom by painting your walls pink, green or yellow. It is a good idea to use white flooring for your bedroom. Lighting in your bedroom should be sober as bright lighting eliminates the relaxing ambience. Remember, you should never hang any kind of picture in your bedroom and ensure that you avoid placing mirrors in your bedroom as it disturbs your sleep.

Pooja Room

The pooja room in your home should never be under the staircase or even inside the bedroom. It can be placed in the kitchen and the idols should not face one another. Use light colours, preferably white colour, painted on the walls of the pooja room. Doors are a must for your pooja room.

The effects of Vastu are immediate in some cases and delayed in some. So make sure to implement it at your place of living and be patient for its effects. You can follow Vastu with the limited resources you have. However, it is not necessary to spend hefty sums of money on these products. The simple and natural tips that we have mentioned in this article are cost-free and applicable to all kinds of houses; be it an apartment, villa or an individual house.

Join us for a Tweetchat to get all your Vastu related questions answered by an expert.

When : 28/3/2014

Time : 3:00pm – 4:00pm

Hashtag :#AskTheVastuExpert

Register for the FREE event here > http://twtvite.com/VastuTipsForProsperity
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Design your personal space according to your Sun Sign!

Taking into account your zodiac sign while designing a personal space is the best way to ensure harmony in your family and peace in your personal zones.

Designing personal spaces for a house can be fun and challenging at the same time as it requires taking into consideration needs of the entire family. Here is a list of designing ideas and what each Sun Sign recommends while designing a personal space.

Tips to design your space

Get the Most favourable directions according to your Zodiac Sign below!